Friday, February 13, 2015

Cold Hands, Warm Heart


Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and Monday is Family Day, so its going to be a long-weekend with lots of Family time.  Its also going to be obscenely its about -30 Celsius right now and its going stay like this all weekend.  So much for any outdoor activities!!

Its also a PD day for the girls, so they have one all day Valentine celebration, the lucky ducks.  This meant I was busy, along with a bit of help from Big A, and none from Little A, filling 40 little bags with cinnamon popcorn last night.  Sure it would have been easier to buy chocolate or lollipops, but since it pisses me off when the girls come home with candy, I didn't want to be that parent.  Note that they had their school Valentine's Day parties yesterday and both came home with candy, cookies and cupcakes.  Sigh!

I don't work tomorrow so its truly a long weekend for all of us.  Sunday we are going to Medieval Times, and Monday we have plans with friends.  Whatever happens, we will be trying to stay warm!!!

Have a happy love-filled weekend with lots of cuddles.

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