Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Medieval Times: Event Review


There is definitely no shortage of things to do in Toronto, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with a new way to keep the kids entertained, especially in the dead of winter.

I was generously offered tickets for the family to Medieval Times in exchange for reviewing our experience.

I have to admit I hadn't really thought of taking the girls before, but I think it was the perfect time.  I don't think I would take kids younger than 4 or 5 and they are just the age to appreciate it.

The dinner theatre has a number of locations across the U.S. but Toronto is the only location in Canada.  Its down at Exhibition Place so accessible by public transport.  We drove because when we went, this past Sunday, it was quite possibly the coldest day of the year (-38 Celsius with windchill!) and parking was $11.00.

There are 1:30pm, 4:30pm and/or 7:30pm shows, depending what day you come.  Its recommended you come before show time so we got there at around 3:45pm for our 4:30pm show.  This gave us time to check out the horses in their stalls (the girls were, of course, most enthralled by the big piles of poop), and get drinks.  There are slushies for the kids and beer, wine and cocktails for the adults.  I happily guzzled the German beer they had on tap and got 2 reusable cups to take home.  The girls enjoyed fruit punch slushies in their plastic knight helmet cups.  The drinks are not included in admission/dinner price.

There are all sorts of tempting memorabilia to buy, like play swords, crowns, etc., which you can also check out before the show.

Once we were seated in the stadium (castle) the show began almost immediately as did the food service.

I had read online that you really come for the show, rather than the food, and I would concur.  Its perfectly edible but not fabulous.  We ordered 1 vegetarian meal so there was variety as I wasn't sure what our little picky ones would eat.  Big A, true to her carb-addict self, was happy to eat the garlic bread, potatoes and apple pie.  Little A ate her rib, mine, and Adam's along with the apple pie.  Adam thought the tomato soup was descent and actually preferred the veggie main course (rice and potatoes with beans and veggies, hot sauce served on the side) to anything else.  The veggie dinner also comes with hummus, pita and raw veggie sticks.  The portions are definitely big so there is no need to leave hungry.

I kind of expected the show to be like a play, but its more just pageantry with the horses and the jousting.  They do call it a tournament and that's what it was.

Competitive types will like that you are assigned a colour, and seated in the appropriate section, and then your group is represented by the corresponding knight.  You cheer for your own knight and jeer at the others.

I managed to catch one of the flowers our knight threw out into the audience, a real yellow carnation, which thrilled the girls.  Our knight also ended up being the victor, which was exciting.

I honestly wasn't sure what the girls would think of the show but they loved it.  Big A described it as 'awesome' and said she would love to go back.  Little A also said it was 'very entertaining'.

Adam and I also thought it was cute, although I have to say I found it a bit difficult to follow because I was dealing with the girls (like at one point I accidently spilled Little A's water, which led to lots of shrieking). 

I think its one of those things you have to do at least once with your kids.  I wouldn't bring babies or toddlers, but for kids 4 years old and up, its definitely a good way to spend an icy cold February afternoon!

A big thanks to Medieval Times for hosting us!!

Disclosure: We were provided with free admission, but all opinions on the blog are my own.

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