Friday, February 20, 2015

Near Miss...

Hexing while driving.

The weirdest thing happened on Wednesday:

I heard Little A calling me from her bed and when I went  to get her the first thing she said was, "Mommy, I don't want you to die." Huh? I didn't think much of it 'cause she often says weird things.

After dropping of the girls at school later that morning, I was walking home.  I started crossing a busy intersection near our house after the light turned green.  A moment later I looked up and the grill of a car was coming at me and was not stopping.  I literally had a few seconds where I thought the gig was up for me.  I was able to pull myself together and lurch out of the way but the car still hit my leg.  Fortunately I was not physically hurt but I was completely terrified and in shock.

The driver just drove right into me as he did a left turn, on my right of way!

The guy did stop, get out and apologize and said, "Sorry, I didn't see you." 

What?  That means he wasn't looking in the direction he was all!!  It was so bizarre.

I am not one for confrontations but I screamed and cursed at him...and then ran home.  I got home and started sobbing and shaking.  It all happened so quickly.  After the anger diminished, I got very scared and upset just thinking about what a close call it had been.

After the shock wore off, I felt incredibly lucky and grateful not to have been hurt. 

But I'll be honest, what terrifies me most is thinking about what would have happened if the girls had been with me.  If he hadn't seen me, he certainly wouldn't have seen them, and Little A is a loose cannon with no sense of danger.  She is known to scamper ahead into the street before we give her the okay.  I go cold just thinking about it.

Speaking of cold, a toddler in Toronto let himself out of his grandmother's house in the middle of the night a few days ago and was found hours later, frozen to death.  What a tragedy! The whole city is mourning.

I don't know about you, but this weekend I'm holding my kids tight and I might never let them go!

Stay warm and safe my friends.

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