Friday, June 28, 2013

One Lous-y Week!

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The theme of this past week has been looking for the silver lining.

Monday I dropped my heavy, glass Brevel blender after slipping on the kitchen floor.  It fell on my foot, leaving me with a nifty bruise, and smashed sending glass everywhere and cutting both my hand and one of my feet.  I was left cleaning glass and blood off the floor for quite a while.  Sigh!

The good news?  It is so big and heavy, it's been annoying me, and it was leaking.  So now I have an excuse to get a smaller smoothie maker since the only thing I really use it for anyways is making the girls smoothies and me my frozen coffee drinks.  Oh, and it's also good that the glass didn't fly into my eyes or face at least.

Tuesday the daycare called (as you are probably figuring out, calls from your kids' school and daycare are usually bad news) 15 minutes before a client session to tell me Big A has lice.

Now, as awful as this whole experience has been, I will start by acknowledging how grateful I am for a number of things:

1. There have been lice outbreaks at the girls' school/daycare many times and this is our first experience, which I knew was only a matter of time;
2. Adam is not away right now and he has been a godsend with helping out with all of this;
3. Only Big A got it, which is apparently very lucky since often the whole family will end up with it;
4. Immediately after getting off the phone with the daycare, I phoned Lice Squad and due to a last minute cancellation they had, they were able to come immediately to our home, treat Big A, give us everything we needed and tell us everything we needed to do.
5. Big A is such a good sport.  She has been handling the 2x daily comb outs very well.
6. I have the best husband in the world.  Really, he has been such a big help vacuuming the house, doing laundry, staying home from work with Big A so I can go see clients.

I also want to mention that I was so impressed with Lice Squad.  They are fantastic and worth EVERY penny!!  They sent a registered nurse and she was knowledgeable and wonderful with the girls.  The whole thing cost us $170, and honestly I would have paid a lot more.  We were fortunate in that Big A's hair is now relatively short and she was the only one.  The nurse told us that in families where everyone gets it and has long hair, the bill can be as much as $800!

In any case, the crisis state is over and we just have to keep doing the comb out process (she got 2x the chemical treatment - enzymes which are non-toxic) until next Monday at the least.

And how, thank goodness, it's the long weekend.  I hope you have a spectacular, louse-free Canada Day!

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  1. Ahh! We just had a bout of lice. I had no idea how persistent they were. We ended up doing two rounds of the chemicals, two of cetaphil, lots of laundry and comb outs and are finally lice free. Glad big A is better!
    They are awful!! Wish lice squad was in the states!