Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Steamwhistle Pilsner: Product Review

Steam Whistle - Do One Thing Really, Really Well

I was generously send a pack of Steam Whistle Pilsner to try recently. For those of you who love delivery services, you'll be happy to know you can now have Steam Whistle delivered to your door through Grocery Gateway.

Here is a little bit about the Steam Whistle Brewery and their beer:

Our focus is on making one beer - a Premium Pilsner that Canadians can be proud of.
We believe that world-class results require focus and dedication, so we developed a distinctive recipe for our single brand based on Europe's renowned brewing standards yet is brewed fresh locally at our independent, Canadian Brewery.

We use traditional brewing techniques and only four natural ingredients including spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast - all GMO-free. There is a fifth ingredient in every refreshing bottle, and that is the passion of our dedicated Brewmaster and staff.

I adore beer in the summer. Although I try to keep my alcohol consumption to a minimum, I have to say there is absolutely nothing more refreshing on a hot day than a cold beer.

Even though Steam Whistle is locally made, I had never tried it before.  I brought it to a little dinner party we had with friends this past weekend.  Adam and I and our friends Holly and Graham all tried it (the other couple present weren't beer drinkers).

Now, I should say upfront, that Adam isn't a light beer fan - he prefers ambers, reds and darks, and Holly isn't a big beer drinker in general. 

We rated it on the following factors: taste, after taste, aroma and carbonation and scored it on each out of a possible 5.  Here are the results:

Taste - 3.25
After taste - 2.75
Aroma - 2.75
Carbonation - 4

Comments: "Just tastes like standard beer."  "Light...too light."  "Bland"  "Not bad."

We all agreed it wasn't outstanding, but was clean and refreshing.  It also made a good pairing with the Thai food we'd ordered and we felt it would also go well with other types of spicy/strong flavoured cuisines like Indian.

If you like pilsner, than this is a good choice because it's locally made, all-natural, craft beer.  If you can't be bothered to drive to the beer store, just go online and place an order through Grocery Gateway.

Thank you to the Steam Whistle Brewery and Grocery Gateway for the beverages!

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