Thursday, June 20, 2013

Somersets Shaving Products: Review

Somersets Original Shaving Gel
Somersets is a British company founded in 1991 that makes all-natural shaving products for men.  They are now available to the rest of the world online through and Recently, they sent me a generous box with samples of many of their products.

Being an XX, and a relatively hairless one at that, I handed over the products to my favorite XY (Adam) to try. 

The products contain essential oils and are gentle on skin and the environment.  The are designed to protect the skin, reduce razor bumps and are soap-free so they don't dry out skin.

Adam's feedback was the following:

"The Pre-Shave Face Scrub really feels like it's getting rid of all the crap."

"I really like this stuff.  It makes my skin feel good, it seems to smell pretty good...but it doesn't make my skin any better (i.e. reduce razor bumps/blemishes)...but doesn't make it any worse either.  The only thing I don't like is that the shave gel doesn't lather up so it's hard to see where you've already shaved."

Happy Friday, I hope you have a smooth, razor-bump-free weekend!

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  1. Good to know about this product! If there's one thing I HATE it's anything to make the process easier/more painless sounds good to me!