Tuesday, August 3, 2010


P1: I got a 95% on my first assignment in my current course. The prof had no problem with the content, but, of course, I made a bunch of APA formatting errors. Luckily he didn't deduct much and said he would rather students be given the chance to learn for future assignments. Very different approach from the one Dr. A-Hole took! You'd think after having written a doctoral dissertation in APA format and completed 4 courses already in this program that I'd have it down pat, but the truth is, I am lazy about it. I hate having to consult the guidebook for every tiny thing and I think the over-focus on formatting is idiotic. Nevertheless, this prof did me a huge favour: He explained to me how to easily format the references section using the "hanging indent" command. Because my current computer has Windows Vista, which is absolutely atrocious, I often cannot figure out how to do the simplest thing. Today, I finally figured out the hanging indent command and it made typing out the references on my final paper a snap. Of course I am still waiting for Adam's feedback on the rest of the paper, which I don't think will be pretty because it's not my greatest piece of writing.

P2: Little A went for her 15 month check-up last week, and she's doing great. She's 75th percentile for length and 50th for weight. The doctor confirmed that she has a bunch of teeth coming in, which explains why most days she is miserable from about 8-10am...maybe when her mouth hurts the most? But something exciting has happened: she is finally saying mommy and daddy! Yep, both words arrived at the same time. Now, I know she has known us as mommy and daddy for a while, but hearing the words out of her mouth is still heartwarming. Yesterday was a civic holiday but the weather was hot and sticky, so we took the girls to the Eaton Centre in the morning. They had a blast running around. At about 11am, all of a sudden Little A stopped in her tracks and made her poo-face. Adam snatched her up and he and Big A took her to the washroom for a diaper change. I waited with the stroller. As they walked back to me from across the mall, Little A pointed at me and yelled, "mommeee!". Yay!! Maybe now the words will all start coming...I hope. I can see the light now...we will soon have 2 children that can walk and talk and NO MORE BABIES!!!

Big A completely refuses to nap at home on the weekends now. I really wouldn't mind so much if she didn't still need a nap so badly. Yesterday we hopped in the car at 4pm to go to my sister-in-law's new house for a visit and within 3 minutes she was out cold. We had to take turns sitting in the car in the driveway with her until she woke up about an hour later. Then she was extremely groggy and grumpy. The only upside is we were able to get her into bed at 7:45pm last night, instead of fighting to get her there by 8:15pm, like most nights.

Big A has suddenly started showing a keen interest in learning to write her letters and numbers. Every night before bed she asks Adam, who, lucky for us is a fantastic teacher, to help her with it. Adam is very impressed with her work ethic and desire to practice. These are definitely traits she gets from her father! I once tape recorded myself playing the saxaphone when I was 12 so I could shut my door and play the tape when my parents told me to go practice. Needless to say I never became David Sanborn!

F1: A few months ago I mentioned the marinated tempeh products I got at the health food store (made by the Tofurky company). Yesterday I tried the coconut curry flavour (not at all spicy, I had to add some heat to satisfy my tastes) and it was fabulous. I highly recommend trying it if you see it.

F2: Exercise of the week: Prone chest press

Lie on your front on a stability ball or bench with shoulders at the edge holding light to medium hand weights and perform a chest press, pushing weights straight out in front at chest level with palms facing down. Perform at least 2 sets of 15 repetitions.

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