Monday, August 30, 2010

P1: Our research proposal has still not been approved by the Mount Sinai ethics board so I'm feeling a bit on edge. I just want to have it all finalized! In 2012, Ontario is establishing a professional body to regulate psychotherapists. Nobody knows what the criteria will be for registration, however, I know for sure that this project will go a long way towards getting me the experience and credibility I will likely need.

P2: The day Adam and I dreaded finally arrived yesterday morning - Little A learned how to say "no". Actually she doesn't just say no, she says, "nooooooooooooooooooo". Adam brought her downstairs and asked if he could change her diaper and she said, "noooooooooooooooooo". Then she ran into the livingroom and tore it off herself. Now everything is "noooooooooooooooooo".

It was quite an up and down weekend. Saturday was terrific. Everyone was in a good mood and behaved well. The girls played well together and had good naps. We went to visit Adam's uncle in the hospital (he had a terrible accident on his motorcycle) and the girls were great. Everyone ate a good supper and happily took their baths. Sunday was the opposite. Little A was cranky from the moment she woke up due to a cold she seems to have developed. When I got back from my spinning class at the JCC yesterday morning, Adam said she had been whining and crying all morning and he was at his wits end. Big A refused to take a nap and we allowed her to skip it since she took a 3 hour one on Saturday and then didn't go to sleep until 10pm. Unfortunately, she became extremely cranky. We went up to the Yonge & Eg neighbourhood so I could pick up a few things at a kitchen store for my birthday present from Adam. While I shopped, Adam took the girls to play with the toys at Indigo. Little A was alright, albeit her aggressive self, but Big A threw a tantrum because she wanted the doctor costume they had and we refused because it was too expensive. We left with both girls screaming (Big A because she wasn't going to get the costume and Little A because she didn't want to leave yet).

Little A had her final daycare orientation this morning. It went much better than last week. She did try to nip, scratch and pull hair a few times but overall she was much better than last week. Unfortunately, there is one little boy who seems intent on antagonizing her. He is so annoying that, frankly, I felt like biting him. I spoke to one of the toddler room teachers (who had been Big A's favorite) and she said the biting and other behaviour is very commong when kids don't have many words because it is their only way of communicating. She said they learn very quickly once they start daycare. I hope she's right!

F1: I'm having a cocktail party for my birthday on the 11th. I'm going to serve two kinds of cocktails, plus wine, and a bunch of appetizers and munchies. I haven't finalized the menu yet but I'm thinking mini pizzas with marinated portobello mushrooms, polenta cakes with pesto and brushetta, cucumber cups with smoked salmon, wasabi mayo and pickled ginger, and various types of nuts and olives. I can't wait to have some time to be with my friends sans children. The party is 4-7pm, so my in-laws will take the girls and give them dinner and baths before bringing them home.

F2: Visiting Adam's uncle in the hospital was a wake-up call. He is in the trauma ward of the hospital. Although he is lucky to be alive and lucky he did not sustain any brain damage, his injuries are serious and the poor man is in a lot of pain. He has a seperated pelvis, punctured lung and several broken ribs, among other things. He cannot walk yet because of the injury to his pelvis and therefore is completely bed ridden. It was an important reminder to me of just how grateful we have to be for our health and mobility. We become so consumed with trivial matters like the size of our butts or small blemishes and end up taking so much for granted. Health and fitness are a gift, take care of yourself and take advantage of the joy of movement and exercise if you can.

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