Friday, August 13, 2010

The Conference

You may wonder why I go to the CFP conference...well, I sort of have to. You need to get a certain number of CECs every year to maintain your CFP certifications and I have two: my fitness instructor and personal trainer certifications to maintain. And besides, I believe it is important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, equipment and information.

Actually, today wasn't so bad. The bicycle ride down to the conference centre in the heat and humidity sucked. Fighting the mobs on the multiple escalators to get to the right side of the complex sucked. But the trade show rocked! Sketchers only had running shoes but I was surprised to see MBT had a booth and they had a bunch of shoes $100 off!!! I got 2 pairs (one brown suede and black leather, both maryjane style) and while they still aren't the nicest looking things, they are definitely nicer looking than my old pair. And thank goodness I have a kind, generous husband who didn't kill me for buying 2 pairs of shoes.

My session also rocked. It was a spinning class using this new type of indoor bike called a "RealRyder" ( Unlike other bikes, this one moves side to side so you can simulate turning. It is so much fun! And it lends itself to my style of teaching: wide variety of cadences, real music (no thump thump crap), etc. Unfortunately, only one club in Toronto has these bikes and I don't teach there so I have no idea when and if I'll ever be able to teach on these bikes. Too bad, because I LOVE it!

While at the conference, I ran into D., a woman who used to dutifully attend my fitness classes back in grad school when I was teaching at the UofT Athletic Centre. She is now an instructor herself. She told me she always thinks about me and about how I was such an amazing step instructor. Awww! Step used to be my favorite thing to teach. I miss it sometimes, but I just don't have time anymore to be constantly creating new choreography.
So one day down and one more to go.

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