Monday, January 16, 2017

Yves Veggie Cuisine: Product Review

Despite most people assuming I am vegetarian or vegan, I am completely omnivorous. That being said, I do minimize my consumption of red meat (like really I only eat it a few times a year), and I do try to make the majority of my meals meatless.

For proteins, I eat chicken/turkey, fish, eggs, dairy, beans, soy...and faux meats. Yes, I love me a good veggie sausage!

Now some health gurus squawk about faux meat because they are processed. Yes, they are. They do tend to be high in sodium, so if that's an issue for you, be warned. But as someone who needs lots of protein (I crave it like no tomorrow!), and wants as much variety as possible while keeping my consumption of animal proteins to reasonable levels, I love the flexibility of using faux meats.

For many years, I have been a consumer of Yves Veggie Cuisine products. If you have tried just a few faux meat products in the past and not been impressed, keep in mind that there is a lot of variety and they range from barfy to fantastic, so keep experimenting.

Among my favorite faux meats, several of Yves make the list, including their pepperoni, salami, and jumbo dogs. I actually prefer them to the real thing, though I would never at this point in my life eat cured/processed meats anyways. Colon cancer? No thanks!

I also like using Yves products when cooking for my carnivore husband. He seems to much prefer faux meat to beans, and it can often be helpful for me in certain recipes, because he observes the Kosher practice of not combining milk and meat. I don't use a lot of vegan cheese products because, unlike faux meats, they tend to be very low in protein. I need my protein!

Yves has a huge line of products, and they keep adding more. They generously sent me one of their original products, the Ground Round (which now comes in several flavours): well as one of their newer products, their falafel:

I love me some falafel, but lately I haven't been bothering to make homemade. I like their version, and love that they don't add any cheap fillers, like white flour!!

Adam likes their falafel and veggie dogs too, and eats their salami several times a week in his work lunch. He also likes their new line of 'balls' like Kale and Quinoa, and Sweet Potato and Chia, though he finds them less filling due to their lower protein content. We were also sent the Kale and Quinoa balls, and Adam found that when you bake them until crispy, they are really good.

Big A, who adores hot dogs, will happily eat their veggie dogs, and she is crazy about their corn dogs. This is very helpful for me because it is very seldom I can find a meat hot dog that doesn't have nitrites in it. Nitrites = colon cancer!!

The ground round can be used to replace ground meat in just about any recipe. I will share a recipe I came up with soon. I hadn't bought the Ground Round in a while, but I was reminded how good it is, I will definitely have to do so more often!

So do I recommend Yves? Absolutely! I don't enjoy all the products equally, but I love my favorites, and they help keep this family eating green, and avoiding scary nitrites!!

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