Monday, January 30, 2017

Shirataki Rice

Good morning and welcome to the last Monday of January. At least February is a short month, huh?

As you know, I am a huge fan of shirataki noodles. I eat them many times a week, and not just because they are healthy or low carb or low cal, but because I truly love them. For my recipes check out my konjacforlife website.

I hadn't really bothered trying shirataki rice, possibly because I have had bad experiences with other shirataki noodle shapes, such as fettuccine and penne (though in both cases these were the shirataki noodles made with tofu, which I don't like much).

Then I discovered a new brand (to me) at my favorite local grocery store, Fiesta Farms, which is the awesome-ist, family run grocery store that carries a crazy-ass selection of healthy food and gourmet foods and has good prices. Its called Better than Rice, and it is vegan, gluten-free and organic.

Unlike the shirataki noodles I use, it contains oat fibre along with the konjac. I used it for my recipe for Bibimbap, the fabulous Korean dish, that has always been a favorite of mine, which you can find on my Konjac for Life website. I was super impressed with it! Despite the addition of oat fibre, it is still very low in calories, lower in calories than the shirataki noodles made with tofu.

Given how much I enjoyed it, I decided to give Miracle Noodle shirataki rice a try.

It is purely made with konjac, but I was not impressed with this product. It is calorie and carb free, but is the shape of round balls. To me, it is more like Israeli couscous than rice, and I hate Israeli couscous!

So, if you are looking for a good low-carb rice substitution, I would definitely go with Better than Rice. Both product are available online.

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