Friday, January 13, 2017

Blu-Toque: Product Review

Its a chilly one today, though, only compared to early this week when we were having unseasonably mild weather. If you live in a cold climate, you will love this new product.

Though I have a blog...and 2 websites, you can probably guess by the lack of prettiness around here, that I am not much of a tech expert.

At age 7 and 10, the girls are already miles ahead of their parents over here, when it comes to social media and digital gadgets.

One of the things that I have never been a user of is Bluetooth. I don't even know what it is except that it allows you to do things wirelessly...right?

Anyways, I was recently sent a Blu-Toque to try out with Bluetooth technology. Its essentially a winter hat, which comes in a variety of styles, and includes the following features:

Pair with iPhone, Android device, or tablet in seconds.
Listen to music and take phone calls with built-in mic.
Great style and warmth for winter weather.
Stereo sound with left and right speakers.
Bluetooth 4.0 gives you the best sound quality.
Machine washable; just remove Bluetooth module and wash with laundry.
60 hours standby, 6 hours play time, 2 hours charging.
Color-coordinated control panel allows switching songs and answering calls.
One size fits most.
Since I can barely use my old smartphone, I turned it over to Big A, aged 10, when it arrived. She immediately loved the idea, and it took her about 5 minutes to set up. She took my iPod and downloaded all the music playlists in seconds. Then stuck it on my head. Cool!

I guess I could use it to liven up my commute too and from work in the winter, and should I ever get the courage to run outside in the cold weather, it would be perfect for that too.

Connecting my phone to it would also be great when I am on the go, since even if my phone is just in my purse or back pack, I can never find it when it rings.

So do I recommend the Blu-Toque? Well, not if you live in a tropical climate. But if you live anywhere requiring a winter hat, then absolutely. I assume 99.9% of you are gadget/phone users to a much greater degree than I am, so you will probably love it!

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