Friday, January 27, 2017

These Apples Have Pazzazz!

Good morning and happy Friday! I for one am super happy its the weekend. Adam has been in NYC all week for work. He gets home late tonight. Things started out fairly smoothly but as the week progressed Big A started getting more obnoxious and the girls started fighting more and more.

Thank goodness for apples!

I love apples. In fact, I like to think I am quite the apple afficionado. Don't you dare give me a Macintosh or Red Delicious! Blech!!  My palate is too refined for that. I like more upscale apples. Oh, and I don't bite into a whole apple. Ever. No, I cut them up and eat them with a knife and fork.
Okay, I am kidding! But I do cut them up first, because otherwise the skin gets caught between my teeth and it hurts.

Anyways, I really would rank apples up there as one of my favorite foods and my most favorite variety, as I have probably told you a thousand times, is Mutsu, which you might not have ever tried before. You are missing out! Honeycrisp are also pretty awesome.

Nevertheless, I am always on the hunt for new yummy varieties to try and I was beyond thrilled to receive a huge box of Pazzazz apples, which are now appearing in grocery stores across North America. In Canada, they are a variety grown in Nova Scotia.

They are big and shiny and beautiful. I am the first to admit that my beloved Mutsu's aren't always pretty, but never judge an apple by its skin!

I have high standards when we are talking about apples, so I wasn't prepared for being impressed, but I was! The Pazzazz apples are very crunchy (no mushy, softness or mealiness), and have a perfect sweet/tart balance, just what I prefer in an apple.

Aside from being just totally delicious, apples are packed with nutrition including fibre, Vitamin C, potassium, and polyphenols.  An apple a day may just keep the doctor away!!

So do I recommend them? Absolutely!! They are, however, premium priced, so if you are on a budget, you may want to wait until you find them on sale.

Visit the Pazzazz  Apple website for info and recipes, but, frankly, to me, the best way to enjoy a good apple is raw and unadorned, just as nature intended!

I plan to eat lots of apples this weekend...and perhaps some fermented ones too (I have fallen in love with some of the craft ciders produced locally). Its a really busy one, so not so much relaxing, but at least Adam will be home.

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