Friday, April 8, 2016

Relationship Advice

Good morning! Its finally Friday folks, we made it!!

The weather this week has been ridiculous.  Snowstorms in April? WTF??? Its like a major return to winter and it sucks!  Its apparently going to continue through the weekend but Monday its finally supposed to warm up...and rain.

I recently got a new gig writing articles about relationships for, please check it out!

This weekend I have a client to see on Saturday, and one more on Sunday, but there's also some fun stuff planned.  We have friends coming for dinner on Saturday night and we're ordering from Bare Burger.  I'd seen these restaurants in New York and wanted to try them but never got around to it.  I was surprised to see one open near my office here in Toronto a few months ago.  We have a tradition of ordering in when we get together with these friends so no one has to bother cooking, so I thought this would be a good new place to try since the food is relatively kid-friendly.

The girls have all their various activities, and Little A has a playdate Sunday afternoon. Somehow we will fit in all the errands we need to get done too.  I have to order a cake from Menchies for Little A's birthday party which is on the 16th...and Big A's follows on May 7th, yikes!

In my quest to find new kick-butt workouts, I ordered some DVDs from a source I've never tried before and will try them out tomorrow.  Stay tuned! Sunday at the gym I'll be kicking my own ass with heavy lifting and teaching spin.  Hopefully all the workouts will make up for all the eating (and probably beer drinking) that will happen this weekend.

Stay happy and healthy and I'll be back Monday.

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