Friday, April 15, 2016

Bye Bye Baby

Welcome to Friday! You made it!!

We've got big plans this weekend, its Little A's birthday party!  Her actual birthday isn't until the 22nd, but that also happens to be the first night of Passover, so we're doing her party tomorrow.  Basically the next few weekends are going to be nuts because of Little A's party, the Passover holiday, and then Big A's birthday. We're doing her party a bit early too as her birthday is the 10th, which is a Tuesday, so we're having it on the 7th, a few days in advance.

Little A asked for a party at Rinx, so she and her friends can play laser tag and go bowling.  After, there is, of course, the usual pizza and snacks, and a cake from Menchies.

I can't believe my baby is turning 7...and my big girl is going to be in the double digits!! How is it I've been a mom for a decade now??

Although both of them can make me feel like I'm losing my mind, I am so proud of both of them.  I think they have many wonderful attributes that I've never had.  They are also both such confident, strong-willed individuals, I think they both have the capacity to do great things...or get themselves in heaps of trouble.  Hard to know which way it will go at this point ;)

Life has definitely gotten easier in many ways since they've gotten older, but I still get a lump in my throat when I think about them growing up.  Especially Little A.  Big A has always - in some ways - seemed older than her years.  She looks older and she often acts older (more so outside the home than with Adam and I!).  Little A is still tiny (actually on the taller side for her age, but skinny), I can easily pick her up (whereas Big A can now lift me off the ground), she still speaks in her funny way (like she is from Boston), and still has a baby-like innocence (thinks boys and kissing are yucky, sleeps with her stuffies, etc.).  Once she sheds these things, it will really, truly seem like everyone's grown up.  Of course, there is lots more growing up they have to do, but I won't even be able to say we have little kids in our home.  Nope, we're heading towards tween territory and the dreaded puberty.  Ugh! I am sure we have a whole other set of challenges that lie ahead!
I won't lie, I am always a bit stressed for these events, especially since we have a lot of other stuff going on too.  This weekend Big A has to go to a birthday party that ends just before Little A's starts, the girls have most of their weekend activities (Little A has to miss gymnastics so she doesn't miss her own party!), and Adam has his book club. Oy!

The good news is the spring weather is finally here and we have a weekend of sunshine and warm temperatures predicted.  Enjoy your weekend and stay well!

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