Friday, April 22, 2016

Earth Day-Birthday-Passover


Its Friday!

Its also Earth Day, Little A's 7th birthday, and the first night of Passover for 2016.  Whew, that's one big day!

Poor girl will forever be plagued by the possibility of having her birthday fall within the parameters of this cake-less holiday.  That being said, she's voluntarily choosing to follow the Pesach dietary rules, along with Big A and her dad this year...though she wants an exception for next Friday, which is pizza day at school.

Today I am busy cooking and baking for our big sedar tonight at my in-laws, that my family is also attending (my parents coming in today from Kingston, but are staying with my brother and his family).

So I have the night off from work, but will be seeing a few clients tomorrow.  The girls have some of their activities (Hebrew school is cancelled for the holiday), and we've got errands to do.  Now that the weather has abruptly warmed up, the girls are bugging me to buy them sandals.

Have a wonderful, healthy weekend!

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