Monday, August 17, 2015

Working out with Elite

Good morning! Its ass-frying hot here today. Boo!

Okay, I am really behind in my posts because I have so much info to share from all my fitness activities last week, but I'll go in chronological order.

On Wednesday, as 'media' I was invited to attend an event sponsored by BioSteel and Under Armour.

Aside from getting a kick-butt workout, we were spoiled rotten!

I brought along my friend Nat, a fellow fitness freak, and all of us got a swag bag of goodies.  The photo above is the group of us.  I am the brunette with the big-ass sunglasses protecting my very sensitive eyes from the sun on the right.

From Under Armour, we got a gym bag, 2 brand new pairs of running shoes, leggings, 4 pack of socks, shorts, 2 sports bras, 2 tank tops, 1 t-shirt and sweatshirt.  Seriously!!  From BioSteel we got a whole slew of supplements.

First, Matt Nichol, who developed the BioSteel products and founded the company, gave a talk about how this came about.  He said he realized that his professional athletes he trained were jacking themselves up on sugar, caffeine and energy drinks to get through their games, but then couldn't sleep.  This meant they weren't getting adequate recovery which was hurting their performance and leading to injuries. They were also using all sorts of sports nutrition products that had junk in them that concerned him, both for the sake of their health and because athletes have to be careful that they don't consume any banned substances.

The BioSteel products are all natural and are approved by Health Canada and the NSF.  Their signature product is a rehydrator, much like Gatorade and that type of thing, only there is no sugar and nothing artificial.  It actually tastes good too.  We were guzzling it during our workout as it was outside and very hot and sunny!

Canadian Gold Medal Olympian in trampoline, Rosie MacLennan, is a spokesperson for BioSteel because she loves their products.

After he spoke, the folks from Under Armour told us all about their new sports bra line.

Then it was time!  On this massive football field at a private school, conveniently close to home, he put us through an awesome bootcamp workout.  It was really fun!! He promised it was very similar to the training he does with his athletes.  Guess who kept up with the Olympian??? Yep, 40-year-old me!

Since I usually train myself alone, I rarely have a frame of reference for my fitness level.  I think I'm fit, but since I don't use any gadgets, not even a heart rate monitor anymore, sometimes I wonder.  My participants tell me my spinning class is tough, and when I lift weights beforehand I often get asked what I'm training for (life!), but again, it was nice to see that at my 'advanced age' as Adam and the girls tease me ALL THE TIME, I can still crush it. Ha!

Afterwards, they treated us to a lovely catered lunch with healthy food.  Like actually healthy, not pseudo healthy like you get at most events (even marathons, etc.!).

So that's it, it was pretty sweet and now I have a whole slew of awesome Under Armour fitness gear and BioSteel products.

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