Monday, August 31, 2015

Back to School Jitters

Its the last week of summer here before school starts, and there is a lot of anxiety in this house.  Not from the kids though, from me!

Big A now has the sleep habits of a teen, and its tough to drag her out of bed before 9am.  Mornings with the girls have always been challenging, but now even more so.  School begins before 9am so Big A will have to start setting her alarm and waking up a lot earlier.  Unfortunately, no matter what time she wakes up, she never moves quickly. 

Little A, too, often goofs off and doesn't get her butt in gear, even after I've asked her to get ready a half dozen times.  They often have me losing my shit, particularly if I have a morning client or other commitment.  Getting them out the door in the morning often feels like running through quick sand.

Fortunately, both girls are motivated by food.  So the new rule is that they don't get breakfast before absolutely everything is ready - they are dressed, lunches and bags packed, etc.

I am dreading school starting for several other reasons too.  First off, Little A doesn't like school, so she may kick up a fuss and resist leaving in the mornings.  Second, school lunches.  Hate em.  There is a chance the school will be starting a hot lunch program and my fingers are crossed this goes through.  It would be a blessing!  Third, the girls have a lot of activities.  Fortunately, most (gymnastics, swimming, Hebrew school, Big A's Triple Threat theatre, dance and singing classes) are all on the weekends, but Mondays when they both have Girl Guides and Sparks, at different locations at different times, its going to be super tricky.  Adam and I both often work late so its going to be a juggling act.  And then there are the additional school activities Big A always wants to do (i.e. absolutely every team and club).  Now before you accuse us of over scheduling our kids, keep in mind the demand to do these activities comes from them.  Big A, in particular, loves to be involved in everything.

Oy, my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it all!

Friday, as per our annual tradition, we are taking the girls to the Toronto Ex.  I hate it, but they love it.  I am going to hate it even more this year since the weather forecast for that day is ridiculously hot and humid.  Fuck!

Well, have a lovely Monday, and if you're also in Canada, enjoy the last week of summer 2015!

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