Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Training with the Pros

As I write this post I have my Omron Electrotherapy device massaging my pecs/delts (get your mind out of the gutter, I don't have it on my boobs!).  I did some different exercises for back and chest at the gym on Sunday, and even though I didn't go lift any heavier, just mixing it up activated the muscles in a different way and I'm sore as heck.

I better loosen up soon though, because its the CAN FIT PRO conference this week!  But even before that, I've got a super special event going on tomorrow.  I was invited to a workout sponsored by BioSteel featuring NHL trainer, Matt Nichols and Canadian Olympic medalist in trampoline, Rosie MacLennon. I am bringing along my fellow fitness fanatic friend, Nat, and I can't wait, it should be a blast.  We also get amazing swag bags full of all sorts of fitness there anything better than free stuff?

Thursday I am attending a full day seminar on sports nutrition, with registered dietician and author Nancy Clark.  Friday I am doing conference sessions on spinning and strength training, and, of course, going to the trade show (i.e. fitness lover's shopping heaven!).  I decided to do the Thursday seminar and not to go on Saturday this year, so I can see clients in the morning as usual and have time with the kids in the afternoon on the weekend.  I am so glad for this change as I find 2 days of fitness seminars more than is necessary.

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