Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Seabuck Wonders: Product Review

Recently Seabuck Wonders generously sent me some of their Omega-7 pills and body lotion to try out.

Although I had heard of Sea-Buckthorn before, I really wasn't sure what it is.  Apparently it's a fruit, but one that contains high levels of omega-7, an unsaturated fatty acid.  In fact, it is one of the only rich sources of omega-7, along with macadamia nut oil.

Sea-Buckthorn isn't supposedly very tasty as a fresh fruit, but it is extremely high in antioxidents.  There are not yet many human studies linking it to health outcomes, but studies on mice have demonstrated anti-carcinogenic and anti-obesogenic properties.

The lotion couldn't have come at a better time.  As the summer heat quickly gave way to the cold, dry late autumn weather, my skin seemed to get itchy and scaly almost overnight.  Usually I use a heavy moisturizer in winter, like a body butter, so I wasn't sure this light, grease-less lotion would do the trick, but it's amazing.  It has a delicate orange scent (and bright orange colour) thanks to natural orange oil, and it is vegan, non-GMO, paraben-free and wheat and gluten-free.  I've been putting it on every morning after my shower and it keeps my skin feeling soft and supple all day.

They also sent me their Omega-7 Complete soft gels.  It is recommended to take 2-4 per day.  I've been taking them in place of my fish oil soft gels, and I have to say that they have a much nicer smell and aftertaste.  No fish burps!

Sea Buckthorn Oil Blend - Omega-7 Complete
My one comment about them is that, although they are kosher, non-GMO and gluten-free, they have gelatin, so I guess they aren't vegan.   They claim that Omega-7 is good for dry eyes, a problem I suffer from chronically, so I am excited to see if this helps.  I'll keep you posted!

Seabuck Wonders also sells other beauty products and supplements which are currently available in stores across the U.S.  Canadians can buy them directly from the company online.

Disclaimer: Seabuck Wonders provided me with their products free-of-charge but all opinions on this blog are my own.

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