Thursday, December 5, 2013

Bust Out of Your Fitness Rut with the Asylum Workout Program

I have been meaning to review the Asylum Workout program I got for my birthday this past year, but since right around the same time I switched to doing a less cardio/more strength based routine, I didn't get around to trying them all until now.  I've been squeezing one in for the last few weeks on Saturdays, which is my DVD day.

The set includes:

  • Athletic Performance Assessment
  • Speed & Agility
  • Vertical Plyo & Relief
  • Strength
  • Game Day & Overtime
  • Back To Core

  • Okay, this program is definitely more intense than Insanity, and likely one of the toughest fitness DVD workouts out there.  I do not recommend trying it if you have a serious musculoskeletal injury or vulnerability, or are not already highly conditioned.  That being said, some of it is adaptable but even if you choose the easiest variations, they certainly are not easy.  There is lots and lots of jumping (plyometrics, skipping, etc) so if that's not for you, than this system is definitely not for you.

    So the reviews I read before I bought it said it requires more space than Insanity because of the ladder and skip rope.  I wasn't too concerned because when I move our arm chair out of the rec room where our TV is, there is sufficient space for me to do most things.  Unfortunately, it isn't quite big enough to make this program easy for me.  I can't skip with the ladder on the floor or it gets caught in it, so I have to fling the ladder onto the couch until I need it again.  This means I am always falling behind in the workout because I have to set up the ladder and then get rid of it between each exercise transition.  Also, even though we have a chin up bar (Shaun T gives you options if you don't), the door frame we can use it on is on the other side of the basement where you can't see the TV, so it doesn't really work for me.  The other problem I have is that - being pretty uncoordinated, I have trouble doing some of the moves.  I have come to love skipping, but no matter how hard I try, I cannot do a split squat with a skip rope.  Of course, than I get really frustrated and angry and don't enjoy the workout.  If you have done a lot of team/organized sports and are already familiar with a lot of these training drills, than you'll be fine.  It's not like it's complicated dance routines or anything.

    My favorite workout is the Vertical Plyo followed by Speed and Agility.  I found the Game Day/Overtime workout frustrating (I am too uncoordinated for a number of the drills).  Relief is a pretty vanilla stretch routine which is good if you hate yoga and just want straight up stretches to restore length to your muscles.   Back to Core is a pretty good workout focusing mostly on back (not much abs), and Strength is a good routine, but not one I'll use as I prefer to do my own strength training.

    Overall, it is pretty killer.  If you are already really fit and looking to kick it up a notch, you will probably love this.  I do recommend you make sure you have enough space for all the equipment, so you aren't constantly rearranging things between drills, like I have to do.

    Oh, and Shaun T is still doing static stretching at the beginning of his workouts.  Will someone please tell Beach Body this is contraindicated??  I guess the upside is these stretch segments are about half the length (3 minutes) of the ones in Insanity.

    I think I will probably continue to use my favorite ones now and again to mix it up in my own routine.  The more variety I throw into my workouts the happier I am.

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