Friday, December 13, 2013

Almost Time to Relax

Good Monday Morning!  How was your weekend?  Ours was lovely thanks.  I worked Friday night and Saturday and then we had a birthday party on Saturday afternoon.  I also had one client I had to fit in on Sunday.  Fortunately, work is a bit less busy this week.  Not good from a financial perspective, but good from a giving me time to get other things that I've been putting off kind of way.

Last week I didn't manage to fit in a single yoga session and I thought I was okay, but by Friday I felt like the tin man.  I was so excited to have some time today to get back to my practice before seeing clients but, now I'm not sure that will happen as Little A woke up last night with the stomach flu.  Ain't that always how it works?  I just hope if this bug is going to rip through our house, it does it before the holidays.

It's almost time for our annual trip to Florida.  We stay at my in-laws time share at the Vistana Resort.  We are all super excited.  This year Adam's bro and his family are again coming from Vancouver (they didn't make it last year because its so far and their youngest child was still so little).  So there will be eight adults and six children.  Lots of craziness and fun!

I have no agendas this year...not even a trip to Target...okay wait, that's not true, I do want to get to the amazing outlet mall we usually hit up.  Aside from that, I am just looking forward to relaxing.  I am also hoping to maybe fit in a few strength training workouts if I can.  Sometimes I'm good about getting in my workouts on these vacations and sometimes I barely even walk for the whole trip. 

Eating healthfully down there, I find, is a bit trickier.  The nearest grocery store is Publix, and I find they (or maybe U.S. grocery stores in general) don't carry as many healthy products as the ones around here.  I'm just talking about things like a basic pasta sauce that doesn't have added sugar!  We do usually hit the nearby Whole Foods as well, but the prices are insane and its hard to justify buying super expensive stuff when we are only there for 5 days and not likely to finish a lot of it.  Ah well, I do my best to keep us on track nutrition-wise, but it is a holiday after all.  I guess we'll see what happens.

Adam and I are counting down the seconds until the holidays arrive.  We're both feeling pretty burned out.  I have no clients booked between this Friday and January 3rd and I am really looking forward to the time off.

Do you have to work between Christmas and New Years? Are you going anywhere this holiday season?

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