Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A to Zevia: Product Review

I have long been a fan of Zevia as an alternative to conventional soda pop.  So when I was offered samples of all the flavours available in Canada, I jumped at the chance.

I generally avoid pop, but sometimes there is nothing more palate cleansing than a beverage with bubbles.  While it's hard not to know how bad regular pop is, just because of all the sugar and empty calories, most conventional diet sodas also have many questionnable ingredients and artificial colours.

Zevia is sweetened with stevia, and has no artificial colours or flavours.  The flavours available in Canada currently include:

Cherry Cola
Dr. Zevia
Caffeine Free Cola
Regular Cola
Ginger Root Beer
Cream Soda
Lemon Lime Twist
Ginger Ale
Black Cherry

I already loved the black cherry and cream soda, but I was excited to try to rest.  In the end, they are still my 2 favorites, by far, although I liked the Dr. Zevia a lot too.  Adam likes the fruit flavours, but was not a big fan of the cola, he said he could taste the stevia, and not in a good way.  I don't much like any cola so I can't really comment.  As for the stevia taste, I don't taste it, but I'm also more used to it than Adam is.

Big A liked the lemon lime twist best - I didn't like it, but I don't like any lemon lime soda, I did think it tastes an awful lot like the originals, and the orange is Little A's favorite.

My one complaint is that many of the flavours have caramel colour, which IS an artificial colour and there is some evidence it may be toxic.  I was actually shocked when I noticed that and wouldn't let the girls try any of those flavours.

In any case, these are still a better option than conventional pop, but I hope the Zevia company will consider removing the caramel colour from it's products!

Disclaimer: The Zevia company provided me with free samples of its products, however, all the opinions on this blog are my own.

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