Monday, April 22, 2013

Party Time Again


Little A's 4th birthday is today!

And Big A's 7th birthday is in exactly a month.  Already I'm exhausted by everything involved in the planning and horrified at the cost.  Considering how bratty the girls have been acting lately, I'm feeling particularly resentful about all the trouble I'm going to, to make them a special celebration.  Not that I'm doing anything above and beyond what any upper middle class parent does these days, but maybe that's the parties have become such a big to-do!

In order to avoid what was way too much stress last year having separate parties for the girls within a few weeks of each other, I've gone back to planning a joint party to be held at a community centre NOT at our house.

For Little A and her friends there will be a bouncy castle and lots of riding toys, slides, etc.  For Big A and her friends, there is going to be a karaoke dance party.  In lieu of gifts, once again, we are giving people the option of bringing 2 toonies, one for the birthday girl for a gift of her choosing, and one to go towards a charity.  This year the girls have chosen the Hospital for Sick Children.  Loot bags are going to be a CD - mixed pop for Big A's friends, and Robert Munsch books on tape for Little A's friends.  Both girls are beyond excited.  At least there will be no clean up of our house required, which I am very pleased about. 

Unfortunately, Big A wants vanilla cake pops with pink frosting, while Little A wants vanilla cupcakes with multicolour icing.  Good thing I got those natural food colourings in Florida over the holidays!  But this is going to mean a whole heck of a lot of baking and icing.  This past weekend I already baked 48 mini chocolate cupcakes, just to have as extras, since it looks like we are going to have a rather large crowd.

I allowed the girls to invite whoever they want.  This meant 9 kids for Little A, but for Big A, our popular social butterfly, she invited 22 kids!  Oh, and this doesn't include cousins and some neighbours who will be coming.  Me thinks there could be a wee big of chaos!!  Adam asked me, "Do you realize how many cupcakes/cakepops you are going to have to make?"  Oh yes, yes I do...I see a high probability of cupcake burnout in my future...

But I know it won't be long before the girls would rather go off with their friends and have nothing to do with their parents.  While they are still at the age of enjoying these parties, I do want to give them some great memories to take with them.  I just may have to make sure there is beer or wine chilling at home to aid in our post-party recovery!

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