Friday, April 12, 2013

Kiwi Berries

I love discovering new, yummy, healthy foods.  Unfortunately, it happens far too seldom.  At the grocery store, anyways.

Each time I go food shopping I scan the aisles for new products that are healthy and my family will love.  Honestly, this almost never happens.  Most of the food in the freezer section (aside from frozen fruits and vegetables), and the shelves filled with packaged goods are complete crap.  In fact, I am often disheartened by the plethora of disgusting, sugar-filled, processed crap that is still coming out.  Given what we know about the dangers of this sort of food, it still surprises me that food companies are cranking out increasingly unhealthy products.  Remember good ol' Cheerios, for example?  First there was honey nut and apple cinnamon flavours, which were bad enough.  But now they come in chocolate, banana and peanut butter.  All this means is a lot of extra sugar and artificial crap in your breakfast bowl.

At the health food stores I often find awesome new products made by small companies using various superfoods.  The only problem?  They are freakin' expensive, and way beyond our budget!  Especially given the appetites in our house.  Tiny little serving sizes don't cut it, so that $8 bag of raw quinoa, chia, flax and maca crackers would get devoured in 2 seconds.

So I was delighted last week to discover our favorite produce market was selling kiwi berries!  I've seen them at very upscale markets before selling for a billion dollars a pint, but our humble market had them for a very good price.  Score!  Into the cart they went.  I thought the girls would love these cute little fruits. They are even sweeter than kiwis, and have a smooth, thin, edible skin.

Boy was I right about the girls liking them...they gobbled down an entire pint - fighting over every single one - in about 5 minutes.  I love when I can get them that excited about fruit!!

Nature really does produce the best food...the big food companies, not so much.

So this weekend, why don't you look for a new fruit or veggie you've never tried.  You never know what kind of yumminess you might find!

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  1. Ooo I've seen these but have never had them! I'm allergic to kiwis so wonder if I would also be allergic to these...