Friday, February 12, 2010


P1: Meeting with my ob/gyn from Mount Sinai today...hopefully we can arrange a volunteer counselling opportunity for me, I'll keep you posted! Fridays Adam takes the girls to his mom's or grandmother's for an early dinner so I get time for school work. At 5:30pm every Friday my group from my class gets together for a "virtual" meeting to discuss our group projects. We have completed 3 and have just one more to go. Yay group!

P2: Although Little A was up for the day at 6:40am, things went pretty smoothly. I left her babbling in her crib until Big A got up at 7am. Unfortunately, I had to make Big A her breakfast while holding Little A in one arm. When people at the gym ask me how my arms got so strong, I tell them it's the kids...I'm sure of it!

I was pleased that Big A chose a no sugar breakfast today of oatmeal with banana and cinnamon because they are celebrating Valentine's at daycare today, which means all the parents bring candy for the other kids. This annoys me every year. Luckily, the daycare gives the bag of treats to the parents at the end of the day, rather than letting the kids have all the junk there. But Big A is at the age where we can only take so much of it away without her protesting. Usually I buy paper Valentine cards (also a stupid waste of money and paper), but that requires me to fill out each child's name on a Valentine and I just didn't have time. So I actually bought lollipops to give out to the other kids. I figure this is revenge for sugaring up my child the past few years. And besides, we learned at Halloween that Big A actually prefers giving out candy to other kids over eating it herself. Who knew? Nevertheless, I know she is going to come home with a bag FULL of chocolate and candies. I try not to be too strict and let her have a few treats before I hide the rest. She really doesn't eat much junk. She's totally forgotten about all her Halloween candy so I'm sure she'll forget about whatever Valentine's treats she doesn't eat this weekend too.

Little A has suddenly decided she doesn't like banana anymore. After her blueberries and bread and almond butter this morning she tossed the banana pieces on the floor. I tried giving her mango chunks but I think they looked too much like the banana, so those went on the floor too, without her even trying them. So I gave in and cut up some cantaloupe for her, which is one of her favorites. But for some reason, with cantaloupe and watermelon, she shoves as much as she can in her mouth at once and then just hordes it there. She kept it in her mouth all morning until I nursed her before her nap when she finally realized she would have to swallow it. Very weird...

Fridays are good days. Little A and I have music class, but it's always a rush to get there because Little A usually naps until about 11:30am and the class is at 11:45am. She also hasn't had a poo yet, which is not a good sign. Knowing my luck, she is going to make a big one in the stroller while I am racing to get to music class.

F1: I'm making two Valentine's dinners for Adam and I this weekend, one savoury and one sweet. I often make "breakfast for dinner" because it's basically a guilt-free way to eat dessert for dinner. Saturday is going to be braised short ribs (I limit our red meat consumption to about once a month) over organic, whole wheat paparadelle pasta in a tomato sauce with rapini (I love rapini!), artichokes and black olives. Sunday's dinner is Mexican chocolate waffles with dulche de leche, sliced fruit and veggie breakfast sausages. Yum! I try not to eat too much processed food, but there are some veggie meats that I love: Tofurky sausages and deli meats and Yves breakfast sausages, veggie dogs, salami and pepperoni. They are high in sodium but also have tons of B12 and iron and don't have the nitrites and other crap that are in processed animal products. Also, the latest research on soy protein consumption is positive, showing no ill-effects. So there, that's my justification for eating them!

Mexican Chocolate Waffles

2 1/4 cups Bob's Mill Whole Grain 10 Grain waffle mix (or any whole grain waffle mix)
1/4 cup cocoa powder
2 tbls sugar or any kind of sweetener (agave, honey, etc)
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 tsp cayenne (optional)
4 eggs (or 8 egg whites)
1 tsp vanilla
2+ cups water

Dulce de leche (I bought President's Choice from Loblaws but you could make your own)
Sliced fruit (strawberries, bananas, figs, etc.)

Mix all ingredients except water together with whisk, add water a bit at a time. Don't make batter too thin or it will ooze out of waffle maker and make a big mess. Ladle into waffle maker and bake until done (as per your waffle maker instructions).

Makes 4 large Belgian waffles

F2: Fridays and Saturdays I do my treadmill workout. This morning I was up before my alarm because: (1) the Globe and Mail was thrown at our door at 3:50am (yes, I'm not kidding!), making such a big thud, it woke me and, (2) half an hour later Little A woke up for her early morning breastfeeding. Sleeping past 5am seems like a luxury I will never have again! I would rather run outdoors, in case you are wondering, but my knees won't allow it. But that's okay, walking briskly enough on an incline is actually less efficient (i.e. more intense) than jogging. I am also pleased to be able to watch CitiLine reruns, from the day before, while I walk. I am gaga for home reno/real estate shows, and CitiLine has delicious home makeover stuff. One of my guilty pleasures is HGTV. Love it, love it! Also, it being Friday, the Globe has it's Real Estate section, which I adore. Nothing like pouring over it while eating my breakfast.

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