Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bathroom Humour

So one thing that I love about having kids is it gives you ample excuse to discuss certain bodily functions. I will admit it right now: I have a juvenile appreciation for bathroom humour! I find belches, farts and poop extremely amusing. I come by it honestly as my whole family has the same appreciation, to various degrees. I can recall my brother and I burping the alphabet at the dinner table as teenagers as my parents tried to admonish us while laughing.

So here's a good story. Today Little A did something that I would say ranks as the grossed thing either of my children have done to-date (this beats Big A pooping on my face when she was 3 weeks old and Little A spitting up into my mouth when she was a few months old). She had just woken up from her nap, and Adam went and got her. He took her out of her crib and put her on the floor to play with some toys. All of a sudden he heard a flurry of "diaper activity". I then very quickly heard him call me, "Oh my goodness, oh my...she needs to have a bath RIGHT NOW!". I thought he must be exaggerating but he brought a smiling Little A into the bathroom and I could not believe my eyes. Her pastel pink and green striped outfit had turned brown up to her armpits. The onesy underneath the outfit was no longer white. It took 2 of us to peel off the filthy clothes and dump her in the tub. The diaper was full of, what we can only guess was undigested red grapes, along with everything else. I had to run her clothes, which I contemplated just throwing away, down to the laundry room to be soaked out in the sink and then liberally doused with (environmentally friendly) detergent and spot remover. The best part was how incredibly happy Little A was through the whole process, she seemed to think it was all very funny. I've probably disgusted most of you, but I think it's funny too! Ha ha!

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