Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Neighbourhood

Thursdays my mom's group meets. It's so great to have other moms in the neighbourhood to hang out with, especially since we live in a very uncool Toronto neighbourhood. I don't know why. It's very centrally located, close to public transit, has lots of parks and green spaces, a farmer's market, a great family run grocery store that carries a lot of interesting local and organic products, and has several other grocery stores, daycares and schools in the area. But it is so uncool, it doesn't even have a name. On most city maps, it remains unlabelled. Just a blank space. Occasionally it is referred to as the "Christie Pits" neighbourhood, after the large, well-known park in the area. However, as one mom in my mom's group put it, "You never really want to be living in a place that has 'pits' as part of the name." Oh well, as Adam always points out, the unpopularity of our neighbourhood keeps our property tax lower.

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