Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Family Daze

Yesterday was Family Day, the new Ontario holiday, and it certainly was a family day for us. Because of all the germs floating around, we pretty much hung out altogether at home all day, which rarely happens. We, unfortunately, had to cancel the 2 playdates we had, that I was really looking forward to, and I know Big A was disappointed too. But in the end, I was not fully recovered from my puke-fest on Valentine's, Big A threw up once, Adam still has a terrible cold and Little A keeps making these diaper explosives that require immediate baths and a change of clothes. I'm not sure if she has a bit of the tummy bug too or if this is due to the iron supplement we have started to give her because of her paltry diet. However, I thought iron is supposed to make you constipated?? So aside from when my in-laws took us out for lunch to a local cafe, to get the girls out of the house, we were all at home taking it easy. It's the taking it easy that is so rare. When the girls napped in the afternoon, Adam and I laid down too. Normally, that is when I race around trying to get as much accomplished as possible. But I just wasn't up to that. When Little A woke up from her afternoon nap, Big A was still sleeping, so Adam and I just sat around watching Little A play happily. We finally had to wake Big A at 5:20pm (she fights naps and we generally can't get her down until 2:30pm, but then she'll easily sleep for 3 hours and we end up having to wake her) and by that time, Little A needed a change of scene. So Adam took her for a ride in the car to get gas and a car wash. I stayed with Big A and we had some great quality time. I gave her a bubble bath and then got her all ready in her pajamas and bathrobe and we hung out until Adam and Little A got home. Big A was pretty subdued at this point and said her tummy still hurt so we set her up in front of the t.v. with the Sesame Street movie we rented her from Blockbuster. Considering how awful Adam and I were both feeling yesterday, it was a pretty good day and the girls were incredibly well-behaved. I know that Big A likes nothing more than to hang around the house with her toys and have both mommy and daddy around and accessible. I have to remember to slow down and stop being so task-oriented when I'm with the girls. Unfortunately, sometimes it takes getting sick to realize these things.

Of course, a good day always comes at a price! I slept in again this morning, forgoing a workout or any other activity before the girls got up, and just climbed out of bed at 6:45am, with enough time to have a shower before the girls woke up at 7am (I should note that Big A woke us at 4 something to pee and Little A woke us at 5 something to breastfeed). Adam left for work before I even got out of bed so it was just us 3 girls and we were having a great morning until it was time to take Big A to daycare. She wouldn't put on her boots and starting having a major meltdown. I picked her up and started trying to strap her in the stroller and she began kicking me. This means she gets a sad face on her "Morning Cooperation" chart (if she gets 7 happy faces in a row, she gets a prize) and, I told her, no playing go fish with the playing cards tonight (Go fish is her favorite game). We left the house and Big A shrieked half the way there about how I had hurt her elbow when I put her in the stroller (Can't imagine what the neighbours think!!) then started screaming that her nose was running, until I found a wipe under the stroller for her, and then she finally calmed down. By the time we got to the daycare she was back to being in a fine and cooperative mood. I know that this happens after almost every long weekend or weekend when she has an especially good time. So I said, "Are you misbehaving because we had a nice weekend and you don't want to go to daycare?" And she said, "Yes." So I told her there would be lots more fun weekends and there was no reason to act out because this one was over. Not sure if a 3.75 year old can comprehend that, but I tried.

As for Little A, she has been in a fantastic mood and she had a great breakfast today but then something weird happened. We went to the mall and had a great time. But when we got home, I put her down so I could take off our coats and she started crying. So I took her to the kitchen and put her in her booster to eat lunch and she just got absolutely hysterical. I had to take her out and she still didn't calm down. So I figured I'd offer her the boob just to calm her down. Well she ended up nursing for an HOUR! This is a baby who never usually nurses for more than 10 minutes. Sheesh! So now is she really going to eat lunch? Is she teething? What makes taking care of babies so difficult is the fact that they don't talk, ya know? If only she could tell me what's going on!

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