Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sweet Sundays

This morning was the second Sunday in a row I was woken up by Big A before 6:30am (Sunday is my only sleep-in day...anything after 5am being a sleep-in for me) calling for me from the toilet because she made a poo and needed someone to help her wipe it. It's moments like these when I truly envy the single and childless. I picture them lazing in bed until 9am and then lingering over coffee and the newspaper until they can muster the energy to head to the latest hip cafe for an overpriced brunch. Actually, I'd just be grateful to have both my children sleep past 7am on the weekend. But Little A was up before 7am this morning too, fortunately, she was happy to babble and play in her crib by herself for long enough for me to wolf down a bowl of oatmeal before I went to get her.

Sundays are my favorite day. Adam takes the girls for the morning and I head to the gym for a killer weights workout and then I teach my spinning class. It's the only remnant of my former life that I still have. I know it's a long ways off, but I can't wait until the girls are able to come to the gym with me, and even take my classes. Already Big A is an athlete. She really excels in her swimming and gymnastics lessons and she even likes to walk on our treadmill at home. Adam and I already talk to her about the importance of physical activity for good health and, fortunately, she seems to really enjoy it anyways.

Little A has gone from having little interest in moving to crawling, standing and even trying to climb the stairs. I can finally see the end of the infant stage and the beginning of toddlerhood. And no, I am not thinking wistfully about how quickly her first year is going...I still can't wait for it to end! But I am getting really exciting about all the wonderful things that are still to come with her.

I guess in 20 years or so when Adam and I can sleep in on a Sunday, lazily read the paper and then head off to brunch, we might miss these days. But that's a long ways off!!!

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