Friday, February 24, 2017

Do the Polka in HOKA

If you are a fitness freak, like me, than chances are you are loyal to a particular brand of athletic shoe. Once you find what works for you, it makes sense to stick with it. For me, that's been Asics or New Balance running shoes for at least the last 10 years.

I choose running shoes because, though I don't do a lot of running, they just work better for me, and I like to have the option of being able to run in them, without having to have two different pairs of shoes.

But since first seeing them in a fitness magazine, I have been fascinated by HOKA ONE ONE shoes. Given my bad feet, I am definitely someone who needs lots of cushioning in a shoe, and it doesn't get any more cushioned than HOKA! Like so much cushioning, they make you taller...which is good for short little me!

It wasn't until this past weekend though, that I ever laid eyes on them in a store. We were in MEC looking around before taking Little A to the kids activities at the TIFF Lightbox.

I was more than overdo to get a new pair of shoes for my workouts, but I only buy shoes on sale and I hadn't found any good deals, or shoes in my size, over the holidays, which is when I usually buy.

Well, it just so happened that MEC had some women's HOKAs on clearance and they came in my size! The minute I slipped them on, I knew I had to have them. Its like wearing pillows on your feet! And did I mention they make me taller??

Ugly these babies may be, but I could care less. I do my workouts at home in my basement, so does it really matter?

I may just be hooked on HOKA now!

Well I'm off for day 2 of part 2 of my EMDR training. Tomorrow is the  final day, and Sunday is jam packed for the whole family, so not much relaxing time this weekend. Have a good one and stay healthy.

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