Friday, December 9, 2016

Winter 2016 Faves

It is December and we still have had no snow. It only really started to get cold yesterday. That means we are probably going to get our butts completely kicked by winter when it finally arrives. Us Canadians never get off Scot-free.

In any case, here are a few of my favorite things this winter...or pre-winter, I guess. I will do another round up once we get to "When will this fucking winter end" point in time around February/March.


This healthy sweetener rocks. I bought the syrup, but I am sure you can do great things with the powder too. Its the base of my homemade Quest bars, and you can use it to make cereal bars, fudge, etc.  I am so excited to continue experimenting with it!

BWC Nourishing Eye Gel and Make-up Remover


The skin around my eyes gets red and irritated as the weather gets colder because my eyes tear a lot. The eye gel is so soothing and the eye make up remover super gentle. I love these products!

Vega Hydrator

I stay away from 'sports' drinks. Most of them are just soda pop in disguise, full of sugar and unnecessary things. I don't do the whole coconut water thing either because (1) it tastes gross, (2) its still empty calories. Remember, unless you do high intensity endurance exercise (i.e. run for 90+ minutes) or workout in very extreme conditions, you don't need to rehydrate with carb/sugar drinks. I love this vega hydrator because it has the electrolytes but no sugar or calories, and it tastes pretty good, in both the lemon lime and berry flavours. No artificial colours, etc. either!

Buttercup Squash

Until recently, I was all about the kabocha. But suddenly they became impossible to find yet their fraternal twin, buttercup, was everywhere. I finally decided to give one a try and, wow, I loved it. Like I may actually prefer these guys to kabocha now.  Sweeter, moister flesh, and more consistent (i.e. sometimes I would get a great kabocha and sometimes I would end up with a very disappointing one).

These oatmeal cookies!

I am devouring these cookies as breakfast, snacks and dessert. I love, love, love them. If you are an oatmeal cookie lover and want a healthier, lower cal option than your standard cookie, these are perfect!! They are super quick and easy to make too.

Just some of life's little pleasures I am enjoying right now. Have a healthy, happy weekend and go find some pleasures!

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