Friday, December 2, 2016

Parenting Pickles

One of the most stressful things about parenting is when kids get sick. First there is the worry that its something serious. Then there is dealing with who cares for them. I can only imagine how challenging it is for people with low income jobs that are not salaried. Having to stay home to care for your child for an extended period of time could be catastrophic!

So I am very grateful that we are comfortable, financially secure, and I have job flexibility because Monday afternoon I had to pick up 2 very sad looking girls from school. Big A barfed and Little A's tummy was hurting because she'd been coughing so hard.

Apparently there are several nasty viruses going around their school and we've managed to get more than one of them. Yeah, we hit the jackpot!

Since I had a work commitment, Adam's mom was nice enough to take Little A to the doctor, just to rule out bronchitis and pneumonia. Fortunately, we got the 'its just a virus' response, which means its not serious, but also there is no treatment. Just lots of fluids, honey, a humidifier and lozenges. But the poor kid is miserable and when her coughing gets really bad, she panics, which only makes it worse.

Nevertheless, the doctor reassured us she isn't contagious and can go to school, so she went back Wednesday. Big A stayed home another day to make sure she had all the barfing out of her system. I was feeling worse than her though, I had a migraine and when I went to refill my Rx at the pharmacy, they informed me I didn't have any more refills. I basically had to just endure the pain until I went to bed that night.

To top things off, on Wednesday Adam had a work trip so I was on my own with the girls. Oy!

Needless to say, this week didn't go as planned.

Today is a PA day for the girls and a reasonably quiet day for me. I am going to Costco this morning, yay! But the weekend is busy as usual. At least we are all on our way back to being healthy. Little A and I just have to get rid of our cough!

Have a healthy, happy weekend :)

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