Wednesday, December 14, 2016

DIY Blush/Bronzer/Eye Shadow

Remember when I reviewed this book?

I finally got around to making another recipe from it a few weeks ago. While I was home with both girls, who were sick, I figured making something would be a nice, quiet activity to do with them.

The girls each had a few recipes they most wanted to make, but in order to keep them from fighting, I told them I was making the choice. My choice, to be honest, was simply based on the fact that I already had all the ingredients in the house.

The recipe in the book is called "Shimmer Blush" but modifying it a wee bit to adjust the colour, I am actually using it as more of a bronzer. But I see no reason why you couldn't use it as a blush, or a bronzer, or an eye shadow, frankly, based on the hue you give it.

I doubled the recipe, which probably wasn't necessary, because I find so little is needed (I literally shake the container to get a tiny bit on the lid, then gently dip the brush into the lid. Like you really need just a tiny bit, if you are using it as a bronzer! So this is going to last me FOREVER!

Now admittedly, I didn't intend to make this for myself - it was going to be for the girls for playing dress up at home - but after I tried it, I loved it so much, I added it to my daily makeup regimen.

Here is the original recipe for Shimmer Blush, and my modifications, in brackets:

1 tsp beet powder or hibiscus flower powder (1/2 tsp - I didn't want a really pink colour)
1/2 tsp arrowroot powder (1 tsp)
1/2 tsp unsweetened cocoa powder (I used 1 tsp raw cacao powder)
Pinch gold mica powder (I used bronze mica powder)
3-5 drops lavender essential oil (I omitted this)

Whisk together beet, arrowroot and cocoa powder in a small bowl, adding a little at a time, until desired colour is achieved. Add mica and oil, if using and pour into a jar. Keep at room temp for up to 6 months.

What's awesome is, not only is this makeup non-toxic, it is so much less expensive than buying something similar! Its also eco-friendly as I used an old foundation pot I had kept and cleaned out.

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