Friday, December 16, 2016

Flying to New Heights

After 10 years of doing our New Year's Day drop-in party, we decided that last year was going to be the last one. We weren't enjoying it anymore, it just felt stressful. This year we are doing a low-key games night and dinner with friends on New Year's Eve, but then doing something sort of exciting on New Year's Day. New Year's Day we are all - yes all of us, even the kids - going indoor skydiving!

I have been fascinated by this since I heard about iFLY setting up shop just outside Toronto a few years ago. It seems relatively safe, and unbelievably exhilarating and fun! The only downside is the cost. A typical package is $100/person, and includes 4 'dives' that generally last 60 seconds long, over 2 hours (I guess the rest of the time is watching while others take their turns).

I cleared the idea with the family (Big A is super excited), but then immediately got cold feet. Its expensive! One of us could get hurt! The kids could be traumatized! I could get motion sickness and barf in front of everyone!

All of a sudden, despite my initial urgency to book, since you need to reserve spots weeks in advance, I started dragging my heels.

Then I remembered what I always remind my clients: Research shows that people rarely regret taking risks or trying new things, but they usually regret missed opportunities. So I bought tickets and booked.

I'll admit it, I am still a bit nervous, but I like that we are all doing it together. At the very least it will be 'interesting'.

Have an exciting, interesting weekend!

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