Friday, July 1, 2016

I am Canadian!

 Happy birthday to a most awesome country!

I renounced my U.S. citizenship a few years ago and, at the time, was somewhat ambivalent about it.

Well I am now very grateful I did.

Since Canada got rid of Stephen Harper and Toronto got rid of Rob Ford (RIP), Canada, at least in this area, has a renewed sense of optimism.  There is a greater sense of empathy, openness and tolerance, qualities Canada has always been known for, though we didn't live up to expectations and seemed to be moving in the opposite direction.

I am happy to say I have never been more proud to be a Canadian!

Yay to LGBTQ rights! Yay to strict gun laws! Yay to access to abortion! Yay to universal health care!

Yay to a country that produces some of the finest novelists, bands and musicians, actors and comedians. Oh, and yay to the best beer and maple syrup in the world!!

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