Monday, July 11, 2016


As expected the summer here in Toronto is annoying the shit out of me. Hot humid, weather. Crowds. Endless traffic.  Asshole drivers (22 pedestrians and cyclists were hit last week). The usual chaos created by our pathetic transit system.

Even being child-free last week (the girls were with my parents, and though Little A is home, Big A is there for another week), was hard to appreciate given the exhaustion and frustrations of daily life.  Adam and I ended up working more than normal and not taking any time off to do anything special. 

But this weekend was more than made up for it all.  I got to see 2 of my oldest and best friends!Because good friends are better than just about anything else.

Friday, Em, who I have known since kindergarten, came by, because she was in visiting family.  She lives in Vancouver so we only see each other about once a year.

Saturday, My friend Nettles (we have nicknames for each other) came by, because she is visiting from Minnesota.  I haven't seen her since 2008!  She got to meet Little A for the first time!! I didn't grow up with her but we met in grad school back in 1996.  I was doing my MA in sociology, and she was doing a PhD in sociology and we were both working as research assistants for the same prof.  We hit it off instantly and I have many memories of us laughing...and laughing.  We always had so much fun together.

With both these amazing women, it matters little how often we talk or how much time goes by, nothing ever changes.  The bonds stay just as strong. It makes my heart so happy!

Though this week is apparently going to be another steamy one, I'm starting it on a high note, because I feel so lucky to have friends like them.

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