Friday, July 22, 2016

Bob's Super Smooth Vodka: Product Review

There is something I have no doubts about: Liquor and beer stores will never go out of business.  People love drinking alcohol.

I hope I don't have to tell you the social toll all this drinking takes? Oh, if I had a dime for every client I've seen who's life was practically ruined by drinking or by a loved one's drinking.

Yet, our society encourages drinking at every opportunity. Marijuana, oh no, stay away, but here, have another drink!

I think it hurt more than it helped when researchers came out and told us wine has health benefits.  By the way, those benefits were over-stated.  Somehow most folks are still completely oblivious to the fact that alcohol consumption is strongly linked with a whole host of cancers.

As I've said before, alcohol should be consumed in moderation and considered a 'treat'. 

Personally, I am not a big fan of wine, but I do love beer (good, craft beer!) and cider.  I am not a hard liquor drinker.  I don't really like how its taste and I really don't like that most hard liquor cocktails are absolutely full of sugar.  Like full of it!

In any case, if I am going to indulge in it, my choice is always vodka because it doesn't have a strong taste.  Just thinking about rum or gin makes me want to barf!  Vodka be refreshing when served very plain, with just soda water and lime (what my sister-in-law teases me is the 'personal trainer's drink of choice').  Honestly though, if you are going to have a cocktail, stay away from the sweet stuff!

Vodka is the choice for a lot of low carbers, Paleos and vegans because it is usually made from potatoes as opposed to grains.  So I was intrigued when I was asked if I would sample Bob's Super Smooth Vodka, which is made from whey! They claim it is extremely smooth with little burn.  It contains no lactose but I suppose this will not be appealing to vegans or Paleos (though I doubt the only buzz our prehistoric ancestors got was from running from large predators or from accidentally eating poisonous mushrooms or plants). 

I invited my neighbour and friend over to sample it with me.  She also isn't usually a liquor drinker.  She tried it straight up and indeed declared it quite good.  Then she mixed it with a grapefruit sparkling drink, and I mixed it with carbonated water, fresh lemon and a few drops of coconut stevia.  I too thought it was quite good.  It tastes as little like liquor as you can get, though truthfully that could really be dangerous!

Overall, we both liked it and were quite impressed and both felt we would drink a cocktail made from it even though neither of us are usually liquor drinkers.

I also like that its Canadian, and made locally in Ontario.  Unfortunately, this means at this time it is only available in Ontario.  You can find it in your local LCBO store.

Just remember, drink responsibly.  For women, in particular, limit your alcoholic drinks to a few per week, because it really increases your risk of breast cancer!

Disclosure: The company sent us the product to review but all opinion on this blog are our own.

This weekend the weather is supposed to be 800 degrees Celsius, and Saturday night we're going out to a chic restaurant for dinner with friends, so there is likely to be a few drinks being had.  If you are going to be imbibing too, just do so judiciously and avoid the sugary drinks!

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