Monday, February 28, 2011

What a Dill-ema!

Sweet Adam dutifully takes the girls and my shopping list to our Korean market twice a week to get all the produce for my cooking and baking. Unfortunately, because he doesn't cook, sometimes he gets a bit confused.

Like last week I asked for cilantro and he brought home dill. What to do with a massive bunch of dill?

I wasn't in the mood for the usual suspects: broiled salmon, potatoes, etc. So the dill languished in the fridge. Until yesterday, when I was looking for something to add to my tuna sandwich at lunch. We were out of my usual organic greens and the market was out of stock yesterday too. Fortunately, I spied the dill and figured, "Why not?". It was dillicious! And then it struck me how yummy it would be to try all sorts of different herbs on my sandwiches.

I've had some more important decisions to make recently too.

Having gotten two practicum placements for school, I had to decide whether to do one or both. The school won't let me do two full placements, but I can split between two sites. The reality, of course, is that I will for sure end up doing way more work by doing two than if I do one. But I said I wanted experience! So I have decided to try both. This way, I get experience doing infertility/miscarriage specific counselling, as well as some more general counselling. Since I also have to complete a major case study (like a mini thesis) while doing my practicum, that is sure to be a very busy time!

I also decided to break up with my physiotherapist. Well, more like the clinic where she works since she actually went on mat leave to have her baby. When I told her everything the osteopath said, she agreed with it all but didn't suggest any changes to my current ineffective treatment except to say I should do another session with the athletic therapist to get some upper body exercises. Sigh! At that moment I decided I really wanted a different perspective.

I did some research and found a physio place, that just happens to also be much closer and convenient, that had a philosophy I like and decided to give it a try.

When I first met my new therapist today, I was skeptical - he looks about 22 and I thought, "How can this guy have the knowledge or expertise to help me?" Of course, any time I make stupid judgments like this, I'm pleasantly proven wrong.

After doing a thorough assessment of my body in motion, he determined the central cause of my problem to be a major muscle imbalance due to weak hamstrings. My old therapist had noted the weakness in my hamstrings but not done anything about it. He also thinks that the problem involves the fascia, which explains why the osteopathy was so helpful - it focuses on manipulation of the fascia. Hmm...

He did some work on the hamstring itself (something my old therapist never did, she always focused on my lower back where I feel no pain) and got me to do a spine stabilizing exercise that he recommended I do every day. Low and behold, I felt an improvement immediately! After so many months of only limited progress, I look back and wonder why I didn't try somebody else sooner. The reality is that I assumed the lack of progress was due to the severity of the injury but when I think about it, my therapist did the same thing every visit and only 10 minutes of it involved her actually putting her hands on my body. None of it involved exercises.

I also made the decision to start educating Big A about the birds and the bees. After all, she's almost 5 and completely clueless. After asking Adam and I about how exactly I got a baby in my tummy when I was pregant with Little A - to which we responded very vaguely - she seems completely disinterested. Still, I think it is better she learn from us than someone in the school yard.

So we went to Chapters/Indigo and found a book on body parts and reproduction that is geared towards her age group. We've been reading it before bed the past few nights and while she seems mildly interested, she is charmingly not in the least bit embarrassed. The only comment I got from her so far was "Yuck", when we got to the "mechanics" of baby-making. As far as I'm concerned it's great if she feels the way for the next 25 years!

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