Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tiger Nuts

What the #@#% are tiger nuts, you ask?

In whole form, they look like yellowish, shrivelled raspberries. No, not pretty. But they pack a mean nutritional punch.

I recently discovered them at the local health food store and was intrigued by the label on the stone ground tiger nuts I purchased, which claims they are "Nature's Richest Source of Fibre". I love fibre but I have become dissatisfied with the effects of my 2 tsp of psyllium fibre I add to my morning Power Porridge every day. So I thought I'd give these a try instead.

Don't worry, they are not actually the testicles of large wild cats. In fact, they aren't really nuts either, they are tubers.

Not only are they full of fibre, but they are full of good fats, iron, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium. The label also said they are appetite suppressing and naturally sweet tasting.

I can't really comment on the taste because 2 tsp gets lost in my massive bowl of oats, ground flax, egg whites and cinnamon. But my plumbing has been humming and I feel great since I made the change.

Give ground tiger nuts a try in your morning hot cereal or try baking with them.

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