Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Weight of the World

P1: I did my presentation today for the corporate fitness company and, thankfully, it went really well. None of the lawyers at this lawfirm showed up, of course, but all their assistants did, so I had a full room. The were engaged and asked lots of questions and gave me excellent assessments on the assessment forms, so I can't ask for more than that. But I'm pretty tired now...probably the adrenaline drop that follows an anxiety-provoking event, and also may have something to do with the fact that I cycled there and back (about 30 minutes each way) with a 10 lb weight in my knapsack. B., who runs the company thought I should bring it along so I could get audience members to demonstrate certain things using a real weight. Fortunately, the next time I give this seminar, I believe it's outside the city so I'll have to take the car. In that case, maybe I'll bring a 15 lb weight instead.

P2: Following her exciting trip to Canada's Wonderland on Sunday, Big A has been...difficult, to say the least. The mornings have been tough this week and yesterday she had a major tantrum from the moment we left daycare until about 7pm last night (so about 90 minutes long!). She claimed afterwards that it was triggered by a situation at daycare earlier when none of the other kids would play with her, and her best friend G., was not there. I have a hard time believing this since she has never had problems like that before and she was happily playing with the other kids when I came to get her. She also told us she got nothing but bread and water for lunch...until Adam called her bluff and said he knew that was not possible. She then admitted that the daycare had also served meatballs, veggies, fruit, cookies and milk.

Little A has been delightful lately with the exception of her eating. She is eating enough, that's not the problem. The problem is the throwing. Regardless of whether she is sitting in her booster chair, high chair, standing or walking with her food. As soon as she doesn't want it anymore she whips it across the room. She made abstract art on the walls of the kitchen yesterday with her yogurt, this morning she threw handfuls of banana almond-butter porridge all over the kitchen, she throws cheese, fruit and basically whatever she is eating and is done with. In fact, if she sees food sitting anywhere she can reach it, even if she wasn't eating it to begin with, she will throw it. Mashing is another favorite activity of hers. She loves squeezing bananas and other soft foods into a paste before she throws them. Yesterday she chewed up some apple, then spit out the pieces on to the floor and then picked them up and threw them! To say Adam and I are getting frustrated is an understatement. I also worry she's going to get expelled from daycare when she starts in the fall because of this behaviour. It's really driving us nuts and I'm getting sick of cleaning peanut butter, banana, cheese and fruit smears off of every surface of the house.

F1: Here is a great recipe to make with your kids. It's easy, super healthy and the kids love them. I let Big A help me fill the molds and she was over the moon.

Strawberry Banana Popsicles

12-18 popsicle molds and sticks (depends on how big they are)

1 pint hulled organic strawberries
1 ripe banana
1 tbls lemon juice

Throw fruit and lemon juice in blender and puree until smooth. Fill popsicle molds and freeze for a few hours. Turn upside down and run molds under hot water to pull out popsicles.

F2: Exercise of the Week: Reverse Crunch (for abdominals)

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  1. Honestly I bet little A will be much better at daycare. I think that both the peer pressure and the discomfort of being outside of their comfort zone makes most kids behave much better!