Friday, June 25, 2010

The Found Shoe

P1: 95% on week 2s assignments for my psychopathology course. Considering the weekly assignments count for 50% of the final grade, I'm starting to feel pretty confident that I'll do okay. Not to mention I'm two-thirds of the way through my final paper and I think it's going pretty well.

What I'm nervous about is my presentation for the corporate fitness company next Tuesday. I met with the CEO this week and it turns out that I totally misunderstood what was going to happen. I thought we were collaboratively giving the talk but it turns out it's just me, she won't even be there. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. I may actually be less stressed because I won't feel like I am being scrutinized by her. She wants the talk to be very informal, which I think is a good idea but also makes me feel a bit funny. I am supposed to wear fitness clothing, since the topic is fitness, and make the whole thing very interactive with the audience. The client is a corporate law firm so everyone will be in suits and we are going to be in a formal conference room. I just hope I don't come across like a bimbo.

P1: So on the way to daycare this morning, Big A shouts, "Hey mommy, look at what I found!" just as we got around the corner from our street. "Yeh, yeh", I said, not paying attention to what she was saying. "Look, it's Little A's missing shoe, I found it, I found it!" I doubled back and realized that she was right, there was the shoe all along, not on Concord Ave, where I thought we'd dropped it, but like 2 minutes from our house. Unfortunately, I'd already thrown away the other shoe from that pair and gone out and bought brand new ones. For that, I got lectured by Big A. "But mommy, why did you throw it out, we just had to look a little harder and we found the missing shoe." I couldn't really argue with that logic...

Last night Big A had her first real playdate (a drop-off playdate where a friend comes without her parents). I picked up Big A and her best friend G from daycare yesterday and brought them home to have supper together. It was great because they entertained themselves. Adam took Little A to the market and then gave her a bath to keep her out of the way since Big A made it clear there were no little sisters allowed. The girls played happily in Big A's room until dinner was ready and then ate their dinner on the back patio. Unfortunately, after they finished eating, they dumped several litres of bubble liquid all over the deck. I tried cleaning it up best I could but I fear if it rains anytime soon the whole neighbourhood will be engulfed in a giant bubble. Then we waited out on the front porch for G's parents to pick her up. The girls were drawing with sidewalk chalk and discovered they could colour themselves with it. My warnings to stop and request to clean them up fell on deaf ears so that by the time G's parents arrived both girls were covered head to toe in pink chalk.

F1: I would like to extol the virtues of the humble peanut butter sandwich for a moment, please indulge me. Most people like PB with J, I however, will only eat it with honey. And not just any honey. Creamed honey, the thick kind. PB&H sandwiches are one of my favorite treats in the world. I say treat because (1) I have to eat 2 at at time, and (2) the way I make them they are probably at least 600 cals each. Here are my suggestions for the perfect PB&H sandwich:

Start with 2 pieces of soft, fresh, 100% whole wheat bread (make sure there is NO refined/white flour in your bread, that stuff is sick). My favorite is Country Harvest brand 100% whole wheat). Spread a thin layer of PB (or another nut butter - hazelnut butter & H is also fantastic) on each piece of bread right to each corner (no bare spots!). Glob on creamy honey (try different kinds, some of the dark honeys like buckwheat are fabulous and more nutritious). I probably use at least 4 tablespoons of honey per sandwich so that it oozes out the sides and dribbles down my hand as I eat it. I always make a fresh green salad with my 2 (yes 2) sandwiches to make if feel like a healthy dinner. And actually these sandwiches are nutritious, especially if you go easy on the honey, but I could never do that. When I eat these sandwiches the pleasure receptors in my brain start to buzz and all is good in the world momentarily. Yum, yum, yum!!!

F2: My sciatica is driving me crazy. The good news is that it is impervious to my workout schedule, the bad news is that walking to and from Big A's daycare and sitting in the car or at my desk hurts the most. These are variables in my life I can't change.

My big achievement this week is I've made it to 8 chin-ups! So now I do one set of 8chin-ups and then about 3 more sets of 5 chin-ups. My goal is eventually to do 15 reps. One day I'll get there!

Exercise of the week:

Hammer biceps curl

Follow link for instructions:

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