Friday, June 18, 2010

A New Era

P1: I am enjoying the material in my present course for school but I still think the prof is an a-hole. He did apologize to me for his gaffe of berating me for a supposedly poorly researched argument which actually belonged to one of my classmates. Nevertheless, he's still a twit.

Dr. M and I are just finalizing the details on all of our paper work for the Mount Sinai ethics board, so hopefully things with that will go smoothly.

Next week I have a practice run of my presentation with the boss at the corporate fitness company I am consulting with. The presentation is on June 29th and I'm a bit nervous. I don't know the boss's style nor do I know the audience. Fortunately, since it's on all stuff fitness, I feel pretty confident about the material itself.

P2: I feel like we've reached a new phase in our lives because Little A is a real toddler. No more baby. And no, I am not the least bit nostalgic. I am gleeful that I never have to deal with a newborn again, positively gleeful. It is also delightful to watch her develop into a real person. The best way to describe her kooky personality is that she is a fiesty little imp. Like Big A, she ain't no wallflower, nope, both my girls are precocious and strong-willed. Little A is currently obsessed with dolls and doll strollers. Thank goodness Big A has 2 doll strollers! They play together and it is adorable. It amazes me to watch my 14 month old express her nurturing instinct already, hugging and kissing and pushing her dolls and stuffed bear in a stroller. Unfortunately, she also is expressing other instincts that aren't so nice. When someone, even someone 3 times her size, gets in her space or dares to touch a toy she is playing with, she will give them a good shove. Oy! Big A is mostly loving towards her adoring younger sister who worships the ground she walks on but the battles over food and toys has already begun. That is to be expected I guess.

Tomorrow Adam and I have our first real date since Little A was born. Yes, you heard that right! We are celebrating our 8 year anniversary that was a month ago. Massages at a spa in Yorkville, followed by lunch and a movie. My in-laws are taking the girls for the day. I can't wait!!!!!

F1: I tried the PB2 peanut powder in a dish I made last week. I made a spicy peanut, pineapple coconut sauce for chicken. I don't think I put enough in though, as the peanut flavour was almost undetectable. In contrast, however, I added some to Little A's hot oatbran cereal a few times, along with some mashed banana and she LOVES it! It turned it really creamy and peanutty. The only problem is Little A won't let us spoon feed her again and she doesn't know how to use a spoon so she eats it with her hands and makes a gigantic mess.

F2: Exercise of the week: Plie Squat - great one for inner thighs and glutes.

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