Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hi, Uh Oh, Hi, Uh Oh

P1: I am beginning to realize that things are going to move slowly in terms of getting my project set up at Mount Sinai. Everyone who has to be involved is very busy and there is a lot of bureaucracy involved. Until our proposal is passed through the ethics board, it looks like the only thing I can do is prepare the information packages on miscarriage support for patients. Oh well, my timeline is flexible. This is all about setting the stage for my future career and I still have over a year and a half left of school.

I am not enjoying my current course, Psychopathology, as much as the others so far. The professor is a dolt. He has set up the course in such a way that you can end up wasting a lot of time. For example, you cannot post an answer to one of his discussion questions that has already been answered by someone else. You have to respond to the other students' responses. While I understand the value of trying to make this interactive, it also means that several times I have spent hours researching and writing an answer only to find another student has just posted it so mine is now useless. Of course Adam pointed out that I am still learning a lot through the process, but it is frustrating to do all the work and then have it not count. In addition, the prof wrote the following snarky post addressed to me:


There are in fact thousands of background studies that went into the construction of each edition of the DSM. It is silly to state that there is no scientific bases for the Axes. All systems of classification are tentative and subject to revision BASED ON SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH, not whim. It would behoove you to read the material in Chapter 9 of the textbook to understand the evolution of classification in psychiatry and psychology.

The DSM-IV does not specifically cite its sources, but there are four volumes of "sourcebooks" intended to be APA's documentation of the guideline development process and supporting evidence, including literature reviews, data analyses and field trials.[20][21][22][23] The Sourcebooks have been said to provide important insights into the character and quality of the decisions that led to the production of DSM-IV, and hence the scientific credibility of contemporary psychiatric classification.[24][25]

This is in reference to a discussion we were having. I went back and read my contribution and I said nothing even related to what he is talking about here. I read all the students' posts and finally realized this guy was responding to the post of another student, named "Elena" and obviously got confused. First of all, that's sloppy and careless. Second of all, I don't think he should be talking to any student like this.

P2: Little A is such a hoot lately. She has been happy and joyful, albeit very clingy with me. Sherma was extremely amused yesterday because she was playing reggae on her Blackberry and Little A started dancing...she loves music and will pretty much dance to anything actually. Everywhere we go Little A says "Hi" to EVERYONE. At the library today, she walked up to every single person there, including the librarians and yelled, "Hi". She still only has 2 words, "Hi" and "Uh oh". I told Adam that "Hi" must be her version of Shalom, which, of course, means hello, goodbye and peace in Hebrew. She is also relishing in her new found freedom she has found by being able to walk. She often just walks back and forth between Adam, Big A and I and she is quickly getting faster and steadier on her feet.

Little A has also been an eating machine the past week, I think to make up for all the weight she lost when she was sick. It is such a relief! She has even eaten chicken and scrambled eggs this week, 2 things that never previously passed her lips.

F1: While making a scrambled egg and guacamole sandwich yesterday, I discovered how yummy it is to add the guacamole right into the eggs at the end of the cooking time. So, so good!

Tofurky has a new line of tempeh products in different flavours. I tried them out this week and they are delish. Tempeh is one of the healthiest forms of soy because it is fermented and Tofurky uses organic soy, which is an added bonus. I just stuffed the sesame garlic strips into a whole wheat pita with organic greens but you could add them to a stir-fry or wrap or have them plain. Give them a try if you find them.

F2: I've worked my way up to doing 4 sets of 5 chin ups twice a week. While this is a major improvement above where I started when we got the chin up bar, it still sucks. I'm very frustrated! This personal trainer needs a personal trainer!

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