Friday, September 16, 2016

Reno Challenge: Week 4

Its the end of the 4th week of the reno circus here. Fortunately, the construction side of things is done. and that's great because I'm DONE with all that.

The front door fiasco got cleared up by our contractor, who, when he heard the locksmith was going to have to break the door and we'd have to pay him again for a second visit, said he'd do it himself. Fhew! It was back open before noon last Friday.

A few more hiccups, of course. The guys installed the desk in the guest room/study too high. We were wondering if they'd be bringing in bar stools! But our designer confirmed it was an error and would be fixed. More importantly, the head contractor/boss, broke his foot last weekend! When he's not on sight, things don't get done nearly as quickly or as well. F*CK! Thankfully, the boss came (with his cast foot) on Wednesday and things started progressing again.

It stayed stupid hot and humid until this past Sunday, when the temps finally cooled off, so that makes life much better. Being stuck in our stuffy second floor was just insufferable.

Its a miracle the girls are still standing given how poorly they've been eating. They may have forgotten what a green vegetable is, that's all I'm saying. Now that we have our kitchen back, I've informed them we are going back to normal with meals.

I am definitely now sick of the lunches I've been eating.  Lunch is usually the meal for me that has the most diversity, and I am very tired of eating the same things, or variations of the same thing for a month. I want to cook again! I want to bake again!

I did not, however, succumb to laziness and started eating processed foods or takeout. I have also been consistent with my bedroom workouts. Honestly, except for the fact that our bedroom is so much hotter than the basement, this part I haven't minded so much. Our new flooring was installed in the basement on Wednesday, so I was finally able to workout there again this morning! Monday all our big fitness equipment will be moved back in and reassembled so we'll have our full gym back. I can't wait!!

There is a growing list of recipes in my head that I am going to have to tackle once things have settled down here.  Top of my list is a fig and blue cheese pizza [insert Homer Simpson-like drooling]. There is still a lot to do, unfortunately. We now have to move everything back into our house, including all our kitchen stuff. This weekend is going to be busy!

But the finish line is in sight, so I am starting to feel a sense of relief. That's how to keep your head above water, right? See the forest for the trees?

Its also about gratitude. Its hard to really feel sorry for myself for having to live through renos when there is a woman who lives on the sidewalk under the train tracks just west of our house. Like, really.

Have a happy, healthy weekend. Celebrate yourself with exercise and nourishing food!

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