Friday, August 26, 2016

Reno Challenge Week 1

Wow, so we have almost made it through the first week of our renos.  So far...well, we're surviving.

I feel like I'm living in a grad residence again.  I am basically eating, exercising, working and sleeping in the master bedroom. 

My meal plan is much paired down compared to normal.  No real cooking or baking for a while.  Breakfasts are overnight oats, lunches are simple salads and sandwiches, muffins and hardboiled eggs or Explore Cuisine bean-based prepared noodles tossed with veggies and heated in the microwave.

Dinners have been shirataki noodle stir fries, and veggie burgers or grilled cheese with steamed veggies.  All in all, not too shabby, but we still had access to our stove.  Once that's gone, I'll have to bring out all the small appliances, but we're so well stocked, I am not too concerned.

For Adam, who is working super long hours right now, we ordered a healthy breakfast and lunch meal plan from Fuel Foods. See, there really is no reason to ever have to resort to eating crap!

Workouts in our bedroom are going well. I have it to myself because Adam has been going to his gym a few blocks away every morning for his workouts.  Between all our weights, my fitness DVDs, the TRX Home Gym I just purchased, and our pull up bar, I am doing pretty well.  The only problem is that our room is hot - despite having central air - much hotter than the basement, so I am not liking that.

That being said, since we are living upstairs but storing stuff we need in the laundry room and storage room in the basement, there is endless running up and down stairs, which is a workout in and of itself! Its also very annoying how often I realize I need one more thing. Up and down, up and basically anything and everything takes longer.

But already a lot has been done and its so exciting to see the progress. I can't wait for it to be finished!

Well, it will at least be nice to have the house to ourselves this weekend with no drilling and banging.  Have a happy, healthy one!

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