Monday, August 22, 2016 Product Review

North Americans love cereal, whether its practically pure sugar (Corn Pops, Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, etc.) or colon blow (you know, the crazy high fibre ones that go in one end and out the other almost instantly), we can't get enough of it.

Most of the ones on store shelves are more on the junky side of things, unfortunately.  Even if they're organic and free of icky chemicals, they are often just chock full of sugar.

A lot of cereal lovers customize their breakfast bowl by mixing different boxed cereals together and adding in fruit, nuts or other items.  Now Canada has a company that allows you to design a customized cereal blend, with options you may never have though of before, and packages it up pretty and delivers it to your door (for free!).  How about that? is a straightforward website where you can choose your base and add in everything from nuts, to dried fruit, to cocao nibs, to protein powder!

They allowed me to try it out so I designed a custom blend for my cereal loving kids.  You can even name your original blend! I called mine George...which is an inside joke in our house.  I started with honey granola, and added puffed quinoa, freeze dried berries and mango and dried golden berries.  I choose the kids design packaging.  It arrived promptly and was utterly adorable.

Had I been making a recipe for myself, I could have chosen all sorts of completely unsweetened grain and seed options.

If you can't decide what to add to yours, there are all sorts of premixed blends to choose from.  I like the Hungry Like the Wolf, high protein blend for active people!

Now cereal, especially good quality cereal, is never cheap, and this is certainly the case here. You pay a premium, approx. $13-$16/700g. And you know how it goes, all the good stuff (dried fruit, nuts, etc.) is heavy!

Most people will be unable to afford this on a regular basis.  Its a great occasional treat, or, even better, I think it makes an awesome gift for the cereal lover in your life!

Disclosure: I was given a complimentary sample of the product, but all opinions on this blog are my own.

Well folks, our home renos start today, so I can't promise how often I will get to post.  We may lose power, Internet, and our minds for some period of time. I will try to put something out at least once a week.  Wish me luck!!

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