Friday, February 19, 2016

Shimmer & Shine: Kids Television Program Review

I know parents of toddlers complain about the irritating television shows their kids love to watch, but trust me, you'll miss them once your kids start watching the teen/tween shows!

Unfortunately, Big A started watching them a few years ago already, and she got her little sister hooked! Ugh, obnoxious, idiotic characters, all adults portrayed as morons, and laugh tracks that make me want to tear my hair out!  I miss the days when they would watch the innocent, animated shows on Treehouse!

So I had no problem allowing Little A to review the DVD of Shimmer and Shine we were sent. I didn't even bother asking Big A, since at almost 10 years old, she is already watching adult shows.

Little A was excited to be able to share her opinion with all of you! She was already familiar with the show, which is produced by Nickelodeon, in the U.S. and airs on Treehouse in Canada. She was more than happy to sit and watch the seven episode DVD all at once.

So what is Shimmer and Shine all about? The premise is summed up nicely on Wikipedia as follows:

A young girl named Leah is helped by her two genies, sisters Shimmer and Shine, fraternal twins who can collectively grant three wishes every day. They do so by traveling from their home, riding on a magic carpet through a genie wonderland to reach Earth.

Shimmer and Shine, being young genies, often mess up Leah's wishes. This causes the girls to work together to undo their mistakes, solving Leah's problems along the way. They learn that mistakes can be undone and there is no reason to get upset. As they are Leah's secret genies, they must hide when Leah's friend, Zac, is around. However, he is mostly oblivious to the magic and strange things that occur as a result of the twins' mistakes.

When not granting wishes, Shimmer and Shine live with their pets Nahal and Tala in a genie palace within the magical land of Zahramay Falls, which is located inside their genie bottle (Leah's necklace). When summoned by Leah, Shimmer and Shine's bracelets glow, informing that Leah is calling for them. Soon, Leah's genie bottle pendant grows to the size of a traditional genie bottle and the twins appear to grant Leah's wishes. After fixing their mistakes and solving Leah's problems, Shimmer and Shine return to Zahramay Falls. Shimmer and Shine also learn new things about Earth and what people do along the way and use it when they return home to Zahramay Falls.

Ah, so innocent and educational to most of the crap the girls watch now!

Here is Little A's review:

"I liked it a lot.  It is funny, and cool.  Leah is my favorite character because she always has the problems.  I would watch it again for sure and I would recommend it to my friends."

Well, there you have it, out of the horse's mouth. 

Disclosure: We were sent a complimentary copy of the DVD but all opinions on this blog are our own.

Our weekend is filled with errands, the girls' activities, dinner at our friends' place, a birthday party, and I have a staff meeting for fitness instructors.  Have a lovely weekend yourself and I hope it doesn't include any laugh tracks!


  1. Sarah is obsessed with this show! In fact, I hear her watching it right now!

  2. Ha, that's so funny! I much prefer the kids shows to the teen ones. The teen ones are total brain wasting garbage.