Friday, February 5, 2016

Serenity Now

I am really really really REALLY glad its Friday.

Adam has been in  Washington, D.C. since Sunday and he gets home in the middle of the night tonight.

I am absolutely done in the way you can only be done when you both completely physically and mentally fatigued.

Although its much easier to be on my own with the girls now compared to when they were younger, I still don't sleep well when Adam is away. I have fitful nights and crazier than usual dreams.  I got the same number of hours most nights this week but the quality of my sleeps just sucked.  Especially last night. 

I am proud to say I only had one major parenting fail this week: I forgot to help Little A prep for her spelling test today, because Adam usually deals with that stuff. He's been spending a huge amount of time with her every night on her reading lately, and I was focusing on trying to keep up with what he's been doing with her and completely ignored her teacher's email with the list of words the kids needed to study. It wasn't until Wednesday when Adam called and asked about it, did I start working on the words with her.  I hope she does okay today...if not, its entirely my fault!

I was pretty good at keeping on top of everything else, although, admittedly, when the girls asked if they could eat granola bars for breakfast the past 2 mornings (from Adam's stash), I gave in.  Frankly, if they'd asked if they could eat deep fried Mars Bars, I would have said yes.  As I said, I'm DONE.

This weekend will hardly bring relief, unfortunately.  My parents arrive for a visit this afternoon, and I have to work this evening and tomorrow morning. I think there are going to be a few beers happening...

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