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Piloxing DVD Review

The Original PILOXING® Workout
Last week was definitely challenging with Adam away.  But it was also a stellar week fitness-wise.  On top of my own workouts, I had the kick-butt session at Lucid Fitness on Monday, and then Thursday I got on skates for the first time in years and skating with Big A's class.  Saturday morning, since my parents were visiting, I took the opportunity to get up early and go outside for a run. I was nervous as I haven't run in about 10 months, but I easily did 8km.  I'm proud of myself!!  Then later in the day, I went skating again with Little A at a birthday party.  I've avoided skating for past few winters because the idea of an outdoor activity in ridiculously cold weather doesn't appeal, but its been so mild this year, it was wonderful.  Unfortunately, the weather report is calling for temps to dip to insane levels by next weekend.  Of course, we've all been waiting for it.  Its pretty unrealistic to think we can get through an entire winter without the cold visiting at some point.  Anyways...I am starting the week with a fitness post.

Perhaps you'll recall that I described seeing a demo of Piloxing, a hybrid of boxercise and Pilates, and thought it looked really fun.  It was one of my discoveries I was determined to try out...I like core work, I love boxing workouts...and the demo looked both super challenging and really fun.

So I was thrilled to find a Piloxing DVD on sale through Amazon a few weeks ago.  It was a great deal and has both the original workout, and a 60 minute toning workout, which are usually sold separately for a heck of a lot more money.

Sadly, I am disappointed by this DVD.

The creator, Viveca Jensen, a Swedish professional dancer, comes across, I am sorry to say, as a cliché.  She could easily be a Madam or a Burlesque dancer and what turned me off almost immediately is the attempt to make this workout sexy.  No thanks. I'm into being tough, strong and fit, not doing stripper-moves and twerking.

By the look of the women (really girls) she has doing the workouts with her, it is aimed at 20-somethings and/or teens. 

But the cardio workout itself was most disappointing simply because, for me, it wasn't challenging enough.  Piloxing also clearly rips off moves from Tae Bo. Now, if you are a workout newbie, and you aren't into kicking butt in the same way I am, you may really like this workout. I certainly don't think it's bad...and perhaps if I am looking for a low intensity workout I will flip this on once in a while.

To my surprise, I actually like the toning workout more.  It is divided into 3-20 minute segments, one for arms, one for glutes and one for abs.  The arms one, isn't really for me.  Rather than doing a million repetitions of exercises with no weight, I would much rather lift some freakin' huge dumbbells and get freakin' strong and ripped.  But the glutes and abs sections I actually liked.  You will too if you are someone who likes the whole Tracy Anderson method type thing. 

Just remember, that type of body weight or no weight high repetition exercise is best for already very lithe and lean people who just want to add a wee bit of muscle definition.  Its not great for shedding large amounts of fat or really building muscle.  If you want to make significant transformations to your physique, you gotta lift heavy weight!

The abs section is very much Pilates-inspired and is pretty challenging and kind of fun.  Jensen does have a few exercises in the toning workout that are quite original (I particularly like her version of a one arm tricep pushup).

Oh, the other thing I didn't like much is the music, which, again, reminds me of a porn movie or strip show.  Not for me, thanks.

I guess I'll stick with my Tae Bo, Tapout XT and UFCFit workouts for now.


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